Friday 24 February 2012

Go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air before attempting to murder us-

This post today has the potential to become fragmented and touches on some sore subjects for some of you, our dear readers.

As some of you know we have been lamenting about pain all week and how we basically do a few stupid things with it, like: Ignore it, work through it, use it as a barometer to gauge our progress and many more.  Now this is where we try to delve into the minutia and go sideways…Our crack Research Department has shown that 23.7% of you are flippantly ignorant in some aspect of your life.  Say hello to yoga, foam rolling, cardio barre burn, active recovery days and whatever novel term you may use to ease your pain, OK?

What we are proposing to you is to allow balance and symmetry to ease into all aspects of your daily life.  Face it we all on one level or another are fragmented in our programs.  Wake up at 5am and kill a workout/run for an hour, update Facebook and twitter, rush off to work and the rest of the day spirals out of control.  Mix and match it anyway you like, it happens.  “Well like hey smarty pants, how do you go about fixing my problems?”  First start by reading this:  Slow Movement With Awareness  (as always we defer to an expert rather than pretending like we know what we are doing here?!?)

So what is the next logical step when you are finished not listening to the pain your body is constantly providing you?  Step back and take a deep breath?  Or continue doing what you were doing in the name of a free bit of schwag and a race bib?

What fundamentally happens when you are in pain?  Some common examples of pain from our readers are stressing over not getting the close spot to the door and the poor selection of granola at Whole Foods as well as the feeling of anxiety before the big race?  You breathe harder, faster and basically you breathe more.  Say hello to Uncle Ujjayi Pranayama

We spew a fair amount of rubbish around these parts and a few of our readers have adapted the keen ability to weed though it over the last year.  Try to spend the weekend working on this technique, it would be time well spent!  Remember every minute spent practicing is better than the minute before…

The Plan-

The Workout-

Warm up thoroughly into a nice lather doing what you do best, then:

CultFit Pro Agility Test

Set up three cones (or anything else lying around) five yards (or meters for our Canadian friends) apart:

Start at the middle cone with both feet and one hand on the ground

Sprint five yards right or left to an outside cone

Plant, touch-line and sprint 10 yards in opposite direction to far cone

Plant, touch-line and sprint five yards in opposite direction through middle cone

Get after it today!!!

If this is you first time doing this program today take it easy and get into a flow before you go nuts.  If your goal is to injure yourself?  Go balls to the wall the first time through!?!


Enough about pain its time to move on with life.  Rest up this weekend and ENJOY!!!

One Comment on “Friday 24 February 2012”

  1. AlyssTG says:

    I want to go to Bovine University…

    I agree. Getting injured is a bad thing, but not taking the time and care to heal properly and listen to your body is even worse. I’ve injured one of my ankles a few times in my life and I’ve never given it it’s proper due in terms of therapy/care. I have a lot less strength and mobility in that ankle now as a result.

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