Monday 27 February 2012

In this galaxy there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all that, and perhaps more…only one of each of us-

One thing:  Breathing…Leads to another:  Awareness.  Completely unrelated song to our theme but you know what?  Who cares!?!

The Plan-

The theme this week is obviously about awareness of breath and ultimately becoming more in tune with it during a program.  Runners and swimmers are excellent at this as well as those of you who zen out doing yoga (not all of you-just a few).  There are a myriad of ways to go about developing a relationship with your breathing that works best for your unique situation and training goals.  Don’t expect any answers here or guidelines that hold your precious little hand through the process.  Empower yourself to search the Google Machine or heaven forbid pick up a book and read more about it.

What we will introduce is taking yourself past your comfort zone…

You know who you are?!?

The Workout-

Today and for the rest of the week Warm-Up into a lather before starting the program!

Swings, Pull Ups, Sprints, Inversions and Push Ups all seemingly harmless on the surface…

Not For Time…(Focus your mind on breathing and nothing else today.  Take detailed notes on your struggles)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

40 Meter Sprint (out and back)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

60 Meter Sprint (out and back)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

80 Meter Sprint (out and back)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

100 Meter Sprint (out and back-Yes this is long and the term “sprint” is a misnomer at this point-Quit bitching and do some work)


Pay attention to what is bothering you as you go about your daily routine.  Take some notes as they may come in handy on Friday, ENJOY!!!

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