Thursday 23 February 2012

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You Know What You Want To See<—Hello, feel free to click on me.

Amazing things happen all the time, just not the way you like to see or envision them.  As an example:

The Plan-

From CollegeHumor

The Workout-

Rest Day consisting of nothing even remotely health related.  A Rest Day as in: Don’t beat yourself up cause you ate too much yesterday or I could have added 10lbs more on my OHS only if I didn’t eat those extra 15 almonds earlier in the day.  Or… “Damn my goober friend just sent me this totally awesome Hairy Potter WOD?”

Rest, understand?  How hard is it?  Harder than your workout or run?  That’s what we thought!?!


How nice it is to do nothing, think about nothing and cleanse our minds while, well?  Doing nothing, ENJOY!!!

11 Comments on “Thursday 23 February 2012”

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Haha! The HP workout makes exercising interesting doesnt it?

    • CultFit says:

      Yeah it sure does! Who cares where you get your motivation from as long as you are getting up off the couch and doing something with a smile on your face. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Heather says:

    And I though doing crunches during commercials was weird 😉 hha just kidding, I’ll have to try this because my room mate is a HUGE Harry Potter fan.

  3. total rest days are hard for me! I like to do something active or physical, like a walk with the dogs or tennis.

    i’m learning how to embrace “dolce far niente” .

    • CultFit says:

      They are indeed. Being pleasantly idle for some is so hard…You may like what we have in store for tomorrow: Ujjayi Pranayama and mental well being. Now only if we had an ocean around here?

    • Take a page from my book!


      Seriously though, after I rested some last week, when I went on that jog and was so fast, the benefits of rest really snapped into place. Sometimes you just gotta.

      But your rest is different than someone else’s rest, kwim? You’re high energy!

  4. AlyssTG says:

    If only WHH had worn a raincoat on his inauguration day!

  5. I ALWAYS make Taft-in-the-tub jokes and peeps look at me like I’m bonkers.


    Well, now I get the joke and I feel really smug about it. Take that everyone who hasn’t laughed at my Taft jokes!

  6. The HP workout is awesome! I can’t wait until there is another marathon on tv. Great idea!

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