Monday 20 February 2012

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning-

Not so Breaking News:  My Active Faith v. The Cult of CrossFit

We will be paying attention to what happens above…stay tuned peeps this is going to get interesting quick!

How do you begin to form a sense of self-respecting awareness?  Follow us here at CultFit HQ as we explore the path that is often overlooked.  We apologize to those of you reading at Starbucks this morning for allowing us to take a break the last two weeks, kicking the proverbial can down the road.  We do take Random Fitness seriously.  Just not after surgery and mega doses of painkillers and Arnica Oil rubdowns.

Insanity, P90x, ReeBok CrossFit, Yoga-Mom Yoga, Pilates, Group Fitness, Boot-camps, late night infomercials (Hell anything else you can think of?) fail you and us on so many levels.  We are not opening the floor up here for debate whether or not these programs work.  Some do and some don’t, understand?  We’re digging much deeper here than the yoga instruction PDF that came with your recent P90x purchase or broad times and modial domain rubbish that X-Fit was founded on!

Talking points for the next fortnight:  Pain is a gift, foundations, awareness of breath, small muscle groups, range of motion AROUND the joints not through them (we are currently penning a book touching on this subject and something a majority of you need to address soon.)

There will be more added to the list and as always expect some douche bag antics along the way to keep things light.  Did you read that?  Don’t take yourself too seriously Greek yogurt addicted Random Fitness albóndigas!?!

The Plan-

9 out 10 emails we receive a week touch on this subject:

If you had to put our CultFit style/theory into a “Family History” definition of sorts?  Consider us fourth cousins second removed from holistic fitness.  Some call us the “back packing across Europe cousins of X-Fit” and the “holiday in Peru Grandparents” of a brash young crowd consisting of hipster Random Fitness peeps.

Required Reading  <—Take time to read this!!!

If you fail to see the angle from which we write you from after reading about the great Jack LaLanne in the above article?  3-2-1 continue picking your programs from the netz, paying out $$$ for gym memberships on a yearly basis and trying quick fix remedies for your fitness aliments.

“There’s a bullying strain to the modern fitness ethos, a blurred line between cheerleading and hectoring. And it’s hard not to wonder whether that kind of intimidation — in addition to the social and economic realities of diet and exercise — helps explain the paradox that for all the newfangled aerobic machines and reduced-rate January gym memberships, Americans aren’t noticeably haler and healthier.”

The Workout-

Our journey this week is predicated on the belief  to avoid pain when you work out.  Pain is to be treated as a gift to give us feedback about what we are doing wrong.  Do not confuse pain with difficulty, exhaustion, pushing the limit etc.  Pain from here on out is a feedback tool to let you know you are an insufferable idiot!

If you are already mid-stream in a rugged, proven, goal oriented and tested (like our tested links to the side here) program you can use a majority of what we do on your planned recovery days.  Over the 270 posts we have written: 97.4% of the our Workouts push you to the limit.  These are no cheering squad “Box” workouts where the entire class performs band assisted pull ups and lives vicariously through your impressive lifts.  We need to look deep whiten ourselves and find the motivation to succeed.  Uncle Mo is still feeling the side effects from competing in the X-Fit games back in 2008 with three cracked ribs (yeah we were competing in the X-Fit games before you knew it was cool…Gosh you really do take yourself that seriously?!?).  Pin these thoughts in the back of your mind as we gather steam for the next few weeks.

An old favorite that in its simplicity humbles so many peeps…

45 Second Hand Stand Hold

35 Perfect Push Ups

45 Second Hand Stand Hold

30 Perfect Push Ups

45 Second Hand Stand Hold

25 Perfect Push Ups

45 Second Hand Stand Hold

20 Perfect Push Ups

45 Second Hand Stand Hold

10 Perfect Push Ups

45 Second Hand Stand Hold

5  Perfect Push Ups


We know some of our readers are scratching their pretty fragile brains right now.  Here’s why:  As the snow starts to melt and the self-proclaimed ELITE athletes around the world come out of hibernation to prove themselves (yoga mom 5k’s, X-Fit Games, princess marathons).  Injuries are going to happen to you for some very vain reasons, ENJOY???

One Comment on “Monday 20 February 2012”

  1. So many workout plans are really sound. I believe that all of them can lead to great fitness, toned bodies, good health, a strong pumpin’ heart, endurance levels that are raised and a so on…

    The key words in the aforementioned are “plan” and “can.” (and the “a” I threw in before the “so on…” to sound like i was counting off a jazz number, and a one, and a two…).


    It’s the actually doing part that people have a hard time with. I’m one of them. My level of follow-through and commitment varies greatly.

    I believe that there are so many ways to get in a great workout, it’s just doing them (and doing them properly) that counts!

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