Tuesday 21 February 2012

The man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of life

We generally hope you know that acute pain signals an injury, we hope?  As you reach out your hand to “accidentally” touch a hot stove; you pull your hand away in response to the pain. Give or take a few days and before you know it all is healed and you are prepared to go at it again.

If only it was the simple huh?

The discussion we want to have today touches on pain and self-awareness (feel free to comment on something blatantly unrelated to what we just wrote…)

One of the major problems we have is a mind-body disconnect.  A really good book to pick up is the:  Science of Flexibility by Michael J. Alter

A few examples of a mind-body disconnect you see almost daily maybe in yourself or others:  Doing back bends in yoga after not bending like that for 35 years, Glute/Ham Sit-Ups for no apparent reason, Bench Press with your mate after WOD’ing (what a ridiculous term!) for six months and claiming the bench is too functional, kipping Pull Ups.  The list is long so hopefully these will touch a nerve in you?!?

As we try to tie this together today let us get back to our original message concerning the hot stove.  We know there are a few X-Fit apes and yoga moms reading today that simply don’t get the point and continually reach out and touch the hot stove over and over again feeling the pain each time, becoming conditioned to enjoy it as the scars grow bigger and bigger.  Just as we preach about playing like a kid and enjoying life…How many times does it take for a kid to touch a hot stove to learn his lesson?  That’s what we thought peeps!

The Plan-

Simple day today, really simple!

The Workout-

Not for time…

500 Swings

250 One Arm Press (each arm)

100 Hinge Walk Out Push Ups (Arms sore from yesterday?  Good!)

If you don’t move throughout the day as effortlessly as the slinky above you need to watch this gif all day long then.  Who would have ever thought you could learn how to lift and learn from a slinky?


Stay safe Random Fitness peeps and good luck to our X-Fit/CultFit open peeps, ENJOY!!!

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