Wednesday 1 February 2012

The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side-

Alright get ready for this one albóndigas!  According to our Research and Admin Department here at CultFit HQ, 50.1% of our readers are of the female persuasion.  “So what does that mean?”  Nothing really although if we had to take bets on who opines the most today we highly recommend you take the over on the chicas at 20 emails…

Given the capricious ways of the female species let’s start with a picture to get things really fired up around here:

You don't say?

Now hmm hmm…we’re down here guys, don’t worry she isn’t going anywhere.

Bad news girls, you didn’t wake up like this and if you did you know how hard it is to stay in such peak condition…(topic for another day).  Instead, and guys listen up closely as well:  Try to roll out of bed being mindful of who you are and not what you wish to be?

Research has proven that the first few things you do upon waking is:

  • Update your Facebook status
  • Tweet you are running late for work after ignoring the alarm on your iPhone thingy
  • Press the remote start on your car

Women and Men of the inter-webz please listen up!  Like it or not you place an infinite amount of undue stress on your body worrying about the chic in the picture above.  Stress we can live without.  Awhile back we wrote about the topic of stressing over stress (Goggle it), Instead of torturing you again here is a link from a reputable spot so check it out: READ UP

Yes, you are annoying.

Need more proof?

The Plan-

The Workout-

Now that you have become aware of a few things let’s take a moment to expose a few glaring holes in your program…

30 Second Hand Stand Hold- No walls, no support, no flopping around (if you can’t make it this far…) followed by:

30 Hinge Perfect Push Ups (hinge once walk out and then 30 push ups)

30 Second Hand Stand Hold

25 Hinge Perfect Push Ups

30 Second Hand Stand Hold

20 Hinge Perfect Push Ups

30 Second Hand Stand Hold

15 Hinge Perfect Push Ups

30 Second Hand Stand Hold

10 Hinge Perfect Push Ups

30 Second Hand Stand Hold

5   Hinge Perfect Push Ups

30 Second Hand Stand Hold

1   Hinge Perfect Push Ups

Not that time ever really matters around here at CultFit HQ.  Having said that if you struggle to do this in under 15 minutes or so or can’t do a Hand Stand without the aid of a wall?  Pull up another workout from “That Site” and feel free to comment on how it worked out for you?!?


Grace, flow, stillness and a heavy breathe all reside in the program above.  Look within yourself and find the courage and confidence to take on the challenge today.  Life is not easy nor is a workout pulled from some random blog-o-sphere site as easy as it seems, ENJOY!!!

One Comment on “Wednesday 1 February 2012”

  1. love this post, nice job.

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