Wednesday 25 January 2012

In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer-

What’s your excuse?

Sex life blamed for injuries

The Plan-

You know what?  A good rattling of the old body and brain is always a good thing, right?  The program today parlays nicely with what we did yesterday although if you did not heed our warning about mid line stability?  Today is going to be hell and will expose a lot of weaknesses you need to address soon.

The Workout-

From our “Oh Wait…” series at CultFit HQ:

Bike or Swim for an hour followed by:

150 Hinge Walkout Perfect Push Ups (Five Second Count)

For those of you playing at home this is how you go about doing it:

Feet together toes spread out grabbing the floor.

Hands on hips – Hinge sliding hands down the back of the legs.

Walk forward to a High Push Up Plank position – You should be on your tippy toes!

Five Second count Perfect Push Up – Hinge and walk hands back up your legs to standing.  Rinse and Repeat!

This is toro mierda (jajaja)!!!  “150 of these damn things!”  Yup, 10 walk outs and 15 Perfect Push Ups each time.  Should take about 15 minutes if you didn’t mess something up yesterday…Hmm?!?


Nothing like performing something that is so easy on paper and coming to the realization that the movements serve a purpose and have meaning.  Don’t look at these last two programs as something adverse, rather see them as a challenge to persevere through, ENJOY!!!

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