Thursday 5 January 2012

An inability to stay quiet is one of the conspicuous failings of mankind-

Shhhhhhhh!  Take time to read this thoughtful story that is so true (and sad) in today’s world:  The Joy of Quiet.

We would also like to introduce you to our newest member here at CultFit HQ, The Grand Warlock-Antonio Vazquez.

It’s always nice to have the likes of a Grand Warlock around to bounce ideas off of.  El distinguido Vazquez has already predicted that one member of the staff here would get injured in the first week of 2012…not a bad start.

The Plan-

If you only remember one thing the entire year consider this:

What happens when an apple falls from a tree?

Take the time to formulate an answer that explains what you can see.  Take time to think about mental shortcuts and causation.  When you finally do come up with a reasoned answer that makes sense of the facts let us know.  Also try to relate the simple apple question to how you workout and set goals.

Lo que en el nombre del infierno is going on here?  One percent of you will get our message today, maybe?  Maybe the “TOOL” in Michotte’s “Tool Effect” paradigm is you?  And everyone here at CultFit HQ?

No lame ass excuses here peeps.

The Workout-

Rest Day.  If you don’t understand what that is you can always do this program instead:

Redneck Workout


Take a nice long look at this image today.  More often than not we just go through a program with little or no thought as to what is going on both mentally and physically.  Even in a moment of complete disorientation (to us the average peep) this athlete is in complete control of her body and movements.  Mindful and aware as she moves through space, ENJOY!!!

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