Monday 2 January 2012

My favorite thing about the Internet is that you get to go into the private world of real creeps without having to smell them-

2011:  CultFit a Statistical Retrospective

287 Posts: 33% being abusive towards X-Fit apes, 33% Claiming you are doing too much training and over thinking working-out, 33% Beating you over the head.

50,239 Unique Hits: Most used search term “Random Workout”…We pray it’s for people wanting to read here and yes that is a conceded statement.  If that many people wanted to do a Random Workout?  We are doomed as a society!

29 Le-Git emails from reformed peeps who have seen the light.

2012:  CultFit a Look Ahead

Accept the fact that working out and living a healthier life in any fashion is inherently good in our book.  Shake weight, pole dancing etc (although X-Fit Yoga is still flippantly idiotic).

Explore more holistic, earth friendly workout programs and how to integrate them into our fad social media driven society.

Strive to be even more pithy and dense in our posts.  Something all Random Fitness blog-o-sphere peeps should consider.

We are not perfect here at CultFit HQ, not even remotely close for that matter.  If falling down the stairs for time is your thing?  Cool.  Just know we are here to offer a glimpse, a perspective you may not see as you wait in traffic driving to workout.  Now where is that Ab Mat Uncle Mo gave us for Hanukkah?

So on that note…If you are bored today sitting in front of your worn down Google machine.  Give it a gentle slap and search away for: CrossFit torrents

We take no responsibility for what you may find!  The “Well, X-Fit costs too much” argument is invalid peeps.  It’s within your search results that you will find everything you’re willing to pay $$$ for each month.

So on another note…unless CrossFit or any variation et al does something patently stupid this year, we are finished stoning them to death.

The Plan-

If you have a special connection with this following article, it’s ok we understand.  We spent a whole year trying to explain to the masses that the marketing behind the product is actually better than the product itself.  Were willing to bet you could make a list of at least ten other health related products that fit the same parameters as coconut water.

Coconut Water-Sell the image.

The Workout-

From our “I was cool before the New Year was the New Year” archive here at CultFit HQ.

Walking Lunge for 10 minutes both forward and backward (be creative and mix it up)

Bridge Work for Ten minutes (use your Google machine to look some variations up)

Swimming for One Hour

Meditation for at least 45 minutes at the end of your day

Notes:  People are easily confused and misled while reading and comprehending words both orally and written.  We strive to keep things simple here, we really do.  Perspective and simplicity are keys to us living a better healthier life, ENJOY (the pic)!!!

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