No es fácil para mí explicar, cada comentario, cada como, puse mi fe en todos ustedes … Ustedes roca!

(la) Vida Sigue

To all my passionate, caring and thoughtful supporters Thank you for your continued support! Be well this evening and, chill.


Don’t Forget

Thank you Earth Rider!

Thank you Molly!

Thank you What’s for dinner ma!

I am blessed to have so many beautiful and inspiring readers, I am sincerely humbled. Thank you, to all of you, for your continued support of CultFit! Be sure to have a great weekend, be well!

It’s Alright … It’s OK

The most profound statements are often said in silence-

Let’s set the mood … Put your feet up to unwind and feel free to pour a drink if you like.

We are truly grateful for the simple appreciation Miso Strong and BopSpeed have recently passed our way.  Chances are you have heard of the Very Inspiring Blog Award as well as the Oh So Lovely Award.  We certainly have and we are ever so appreciative of being honored in such a thoughtful way by two amazing women.  Thank you!

Normally there are so-called “Rules” you are supposed to follow when receiving an award, whatever!?!

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We Salute You …

CultFit Readers Rock-

To your continued support of CultFit.  We appreciate every single reader out there on the inter-webz, Thank you!!!

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