Don’t Forget

Thank you Earth Rider!

Thank you Molly!

Thank you What’s for dinner ma!

I am blessed to have so many beautiful and inspiring readers, I am sincerely humbled. Thank you, to all of you, for your continued support of CultFit! Be sure to have a great weekend, be well!

6 Comments on “Don’t Forget”

  1. Maia says:

    Think I’m missing something here. I’ve shook my head many times and I don’t get it.
    But I enjoyed the music and will use them in class for my playlist. =)

    • CultFit says:

      Can you keep a secret … I am fortunate to have some of the coolest readers in the blog-o-sphere! The title was a note for me not to forget about some blogging awards that were generously given to me a little while back. Seeing that I rarely follow the normal etiquette and rules for accepting an award, you get a post like this, where I take a quick moment to say thanks. 🙂

      • Maia says:

        So you’re not only Spanish but you’ve developed Alzheimer’s as well. Seems to run around here lately. 😉

        That is sooo cool, Cult! Congratulations! I still have to shake my head as I’m not too familiar with the awards in wp. I’ve seen them on other bloggers’ page. That’s about all I know on it.
        Thank you still for the sharing the music. =)

  2. 🙂 Thank you! And right back at you! 🙂

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