A Final Affection

I love the accomplishments of trees,
How they try to restrain great storms
And pacify the very worms that eat them.
Even their deaths seem to be considered.
I fear for trees, loving them so much.
I am nervous about each scar on bark,
Each leaf that browns. I want to
Lie in their crotches and sigh,
Whisper of sun and rains to come.

Sometimes on summer evenings I step
Out of my house to look at trees
Propping darkness up to the silence.

When I die I want to slant up
Through those trunks so slowly
I will see each rib of bark, each whorl;
Up through the canopy, the subtle veins
And lobes touching me with final affection;
Then to hover above and look down
One last time on the rich upliftings,
The circle that loves the sun and moon,
To see at last what held the darkness up.

Paul Zimmer

CultFit Tree


Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think-

*Taking the time to actually read this post today may increase your chances of having a great day?  Just saying peeps.

There are only a few athletes here at CultFit.  Paid to play a sport or were ever fortunate enough to have finished in the money.  The rest of us have never been a top athlete in any given discipline.  That’s not to say we have not taken immeasurable joy and made lasting memories from merely showing up and having fun on a Saturday morning.

When you show up to an event, a race, heck even a bridal shower?  Are you too busy judging whether you are good enough to be there in the first place?

When we do this to ourselves, we miss out on the magic of being present for an amazing experience.  No sh!t Sherlock!  We all want to do well!  Many more of us want to be the best competing on any given day, which is totally cool in our book.  But to refuse to participate because you’re not quite top-tier is sad.

How loud do we need to scream in panic before our message starts to settle in?  We are heading down a very dark road peeps.  Where extreme levels of performance have become the guard rails and running on these roads is dangerous to all of us.

This is our challenge to you this weekend:

Remember going outside just to play?!? When was the last time you went  to a park and joined in on an impromptu game of football (proper football, not the ‘Merican crap) with some friends?  Have you ever stopped at a trail head and asked someone if they care to join you for a bit (the offer of a cold beer or coffee increase your chances)?  Play, peeps … Plain and simple.

Each and every one of us is deprived of play in our lives, a crying shame to say the least.  For many of us; the simple experience of what play should be has become work.  We are way over organized in our daily lives :  Gotta  schedule this task … I just have to check in on Foursquare and tell this business they suck on Yelp!

Quick being cruel to yourself, PROMISE?!?

The Plan-

Come play with us this SUNDAY.  Not like that perv!?!

The Workout-

A dynamic sweat inducing Warm Up of your choosing.  Followed by:

20 Broad Jumps
20 Perfect Pull Ups
20 Hard Style KB Swings
20 Walking Lunges (each leg)
20 Perfect Push Ups
20 KB Piston Push Press (heavy)
20 Romanian Dead Lifts (heavy)
20 Goblet Squats (heavy)
20 Meter Sprint (Out and Back)
20 Minutes focusing on the movement that you feel you need to work on the most!!!

**Caution!!!  Normally when random peeps stop by and see a program like this they instantly assume balls to the wall, hard-core, ELITE, gotta kill myself before the weekend.  Right?  Get your head straight right now … Breathing and Hips!  Before you even start say:  Breathing and HIPS!!!  Out loud.**


Pinky swear?  Melissa from Sweet Wholesome Health will be back on Monday!!!  Have a great weekend and ENJOY!!!

Afternoon Deleitar

Look, the most glorious rainbow ever-

How about a game of Guess These Tree Trunks?!?

Rules:  Only 21 questions/comments from the Peanut Gallery (you).  So tap into your inner inter-webz sleuth and chime in peeps!