Useless Information

Computers are useless. They can only give you answers-

According to our critically acclaimed Web-Statz department: There will be 1,825,867 mind numbing blog-o-posts posted today.  Here’s our addition to this frothy mix of madness.

Sarah Palin Fitness Book

Pole Dancing Classes in Dubai

Back Flip in Five Minutes

Exercise:  The News You Don’t Want to Hear

Yoga Moms, Triathlons and Warfare

Cardio Barre Burn … Hey Yey

Coffee – Coffee – Coffee

Foot Massage for the ‘Ole Lady

The Best Fitness App

How to Become an Ignorant A-Hole

The Plan-

This may come in handy today?!?

The Workout-

Rest Day …

Take a moment to introduce yourself to Leg Drains and Nerve Glides.  Fire up the old Google Machine and search away …


The little Things in life eventually add up peeps … ENJOY!!!