Only Trust Your : Heart :

It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit-

Have you ever stopped at a “stop walk” when there’s no traffic? Waiting patiently for the signal to indicate its safe to cross the street, when out of seemingly nowhere, another almond chai tea latte sporting pedestrian comes along and proceeds to saunter on through? Do you lament, “I’m a moron for waiting!” Or do you think out-loud, “Try not to get run over you jack ass!” These benign and tedious social interactions,  offer us a glimpse into our inner “moral police,” and how we spend more time defending our own egos than actually enjoying this inspiring moment in time.

I don’t believe we are abandoning morals in our society as a whole. We still lean heavily on moral arguments to justify our daily behavior (topic for another day … ), although we tend to prop ourselves up on “morals” more randomly, pulling out whatever moral code serves our interests best in any given situation. So how do we begin to tie in morality, which is a painfully tedious and a woefully self-serving discussion. With mindfulness, harmony and surrendering to the moment? Or, simply being?

What ever happened to here-and-now relational responsiveness in our society? Actions that are open-hearted, sympathetic, and not embedded in rigid ideas of the self, and our “personal interest?” Helping the elderly to cross a street or carrying their groceries to the car? Holding a random door open for someone? Waiting at a cross walk, and sharing a smile with the driver, before you both carry on? Its amazing what we can achieve as a society when people go out of their way to help one another with no thought of self-advantage.

Daily Meditation:

Instead of being propelled by an outside force – Morality EgoSelf Advantage … Allow your heart and spirit to propel you gently this morning.

CultFit Drop

Sweater – Weather –

To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself-

Throughout our lives, our daily experiences feed into the deep, old sense of shame that grips us. We assign this ongoing feeling of shame to parts of our bodies that we see in a negative light. Ranging from feeling awkward in front co-workers and friends, feeling our of place running on the treadmill, to race day failures or even minor training oversight(s) can be attributed to simply not looking “right” … Only serving to feed from our inner trough of self-hatred.

Have you ever blamed a poor performance, or failed to show up to an event because you were ashamed to be seen? Soul sapping thoughts that you are too “out of shape“, I don’t belong or deserve to be here with all these “fit” folks? When we lose confidence in ourselves, we instantly surrender to failure, instead of pursuing what our hearts passionately want to do. Why is this so?

My battered and beaten body is hands down, the biggest target of my ever so critical inner voice. No matter where I stand in life, it continually provides feedback of my many imperfections and keeps me from fully relaxing in my own skin

Daily Meditation:

Each morning when we wake, we are afforded the beautiful opportunity to hide or reveal our true selves. When the harsh “voice” is telling us to keep our sweaters on or to stay home on race day … Be brave, be bold my friends – for you truly belong in the here and now.

Have a blessed weekend and please take care!

CultFit Belong

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Try to be happy in this present moment, and put not off being so to a time to come,—as though that time should be of another make from this which has already come and is ours-

Today’s sign of the coming Apocalypse:


We would like to preface the following series of thoughts with this little statement:  Inter-webz 101 you’re holding on for dear life.  Let’s dig into the minutiae of this “Sore Subject” a little bit this morning.

Push away from the internet!  Try this on for size, rather than relying on some external source of motivation from that latest web-site or newest on-line fitness community, look inward to find the help you need in reaching your next goal or accepting a new challenge.  The first step is to open a dialog with yourself and make sure you are on the same page.  Think we’re insane?  Try this exercise right now with your big niño or big chica voice (open up the pipes no matter where you are at!  We did this in the bathroom here at CultFit HQ…):  Say out loud what your fitness goal(s) may be.  “I want to run a marathon next month for the first time”, “I eat like mierdaand, party hard and workout at Curves after work”, “I just saw 143 amazing new Fitness moves on Pintrest.  These will help me reach my established goals in life.”  You guys get the point we hope?!?  To capture your attention and draw an eerie parallel, we introduce to you this morning:  PORN LOGIC!!!

Let's change the word porn to something else shale we?

Those of you that spend all day reading fitness blogs (us included).  The fitness logic you have developed is no different then Old Uncle Jasper’s porn logic.  Fast forward to the good bits that get you off and fill your needs.  All the bits that bog us down and distract us from what is really important.

The vast majority of these outside motivations that you have introduced to yourself are competing with one another to win you over.  Your motivation to exercise, has to compete with your motivation to write a witty Tweet, update your Facebook status, or check in on Foursquare. Which behavior you choose depends in part on which motivation you are most reminded of.  Checking Pintrest-Fitness to add 25 new moves into your program or getting your ass out the door to go for a run?  The choice is up to you, or just as soon as this dude finishes knocking the bottom out of this chic…

The Plan-

We are purposely trying to find an angle that will pull back the drapery a bit and expose to you what you are doing to yourself every waking moment of the day.  Like right now reading this good ole’ blog thingy here…

Hope you learned something today?

The Workout-

Bike/Swim/Walk until you work up a nice lather, followed by:

150 Perfect Swings

100 Perfect Push Ups

50 Push Press (each arm)

25 Minutes Total Time on the Inter-Webz today

Hmm, wonder which one will be the hardest?

It's come to this, pic sums it up nicely.


Yes, the inter-net thing can be warm and cuddly.  A friend to seek comfort and advice from.  A friend though with a dark side, ENJOY!!!