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I wanted to write about self-confidence tonight

Self confidence is the key to happiness in our lifetimes. Not self-confidence in a vain sense (think clich├ęd Facebook bathroom self portraits), but trusting and loving ourselves as we are. We gain self-confidence as we grow and pass through each stage of life. Having it helps us grow and become better partners, parents, friends, etc. throughout our lives. Trusting ourselves can lead to the fulfillment of dreams.

However when we experience trauma, we can lose our strength in an instant. If that does happen, can we find that lost confidence again? And if so, how?

Regaining confidence is possible but it can be a daunting and slow process. It requires a lot of patience and courage. But the most important aspect of this process is “throwing yourself in the pool.” Facing your fear(s) head on. Taking the risks that you’re most afraid of and hoping for the best. The more that we do every day to chip away at our anxiety, the better we will feel.

Over time, as we practice quieting the little voices in our heads, the ones telling us to succumb to our fears, we become more and more powerful. Even if you’re so lucky as to never experience a huge knock to your self-confidence, exercising your nerve on a daily basis can be extremely beneficial.

Do one thing that challenges you today. Get out of your comfort zone and take the plunge.

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A powerful message from a dear friend. Today’s post is the 600th here at CultFit, scary I know! Words fail me when I begin to say how truly humble I am … Thank you, to all of you who have so kindly supported, shaped and contributed to the CultFit madness the prior two years. Be courageous today and please take care.

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