Don’t Feel it Anymore

For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain

With our attention spans growing smaller, we often find ourselves bored and impatient – A potent mix indeed. The more we feel “trapped” in any given situation—listening to a co-worker’s weekend triumph(s), waiting in line for a chai tea latte, the more impatient we become. If we can’t access the MindBody app thing on our gadget, our increasing anxiety, sprinkled with the slow passage of time, stinks – big time!

Question is: What can we do about it? 

My go to cure for boredom and impatience? Is to make sure I have regular, new challenges and interesting things to do each and every day. Why? To make sure I maintain an emotional balance; I need a generous dose of “down time” time to rest my mind and my nerves.

Daily Meditation:

Take a moment to recognize your boredom this week, the tedium of daily life that pisses you off. Then when you sense ennui settling in, make a mental shift As soon as you take your next deep breath.

CultFit Tedium


Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves-

With our attention spans dwindling every second this Holiday season, our impatience increases twofold.

Feeling stuck in the moment  Painfully listening to a co-worker’s weekend escapades in Templeton, Iowa, waiting in line for a cold latte that arrives ten minutes too late  The more agitated we feel and the more agitated we become. Stuck with no cell access in a morning meeting, no Twitter on our gadgets, our anxiety increases with the slow passage of time. What can we do during these painful moments?

My cure for “boredom” is to make life interesting, stimulating and fun. Maintaining an emotional balance also requires finding the time for “boring” meditation practice, resting my mind and body

Daily Meditation:

Recognize your boredom this morning. This is all I ask of you before the Holidays set in, settling in to agitate and overwhelm us. When we start practicing now, before we sense ennui enveloping our bodies and spirit? Awareness is a beautiful antidote to boredom.

*It’s also a great method to not getting injured during the winter months*

CultFit Bored