Don’t Feel it Anymore

For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain

With our attention spans growing smaller, we often find ourselves bored and impatient – A potent mix indeed. The more we feel “trapped” in any given situation—listening to a co-worker’s weekend triumph(s), waiting in line for a chai tea latte, the more impatient we become. If we can’t access the MindBody app thing on our gadget, our increasing anxiety, sprinkled with the slow passage of time, stinks – big time!

Question is: What can we do about it? 

My go to cure for boredom and impatience? Is to make sure I have regular, new challenges and interesting things to do each and every day. Why? To make sure I maintain an emotional balance; I need a generous dose of “down time” time to rest my mind and my nerves.

Daily Meditation:

Take a moment to recognize your boredom this week, the tedium of daily life that pisses you off. Then when you sense ennui settling in, make a mental shift As soon as you take your next deep breath.

CultFit Tedium

5 Comments on “Don’t Feel it Anymore”

  1. katelon says:

    I used to get bored often as a kid, as i was so ill and after awhile hospital stays and home stays get to be too much. But as an older adult, I”m rarely bored as I can always find something to catch my interest or engage me in a conversation..external or internal 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      Exactly! There are so many “things” to keep us from being bored and annoyed with life. Some, are plainly simple and often over looked – Like a good conversation with a dear friend. 🙂

    • katelon says:

      I have built few relationships through my blog, so I truly appreciate that you have taken the time to do that with me. I love our conversations and value you!

  2. Sandra says:

    What is this thing, boredom? 😉

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