Frogballs, Arkansas …

I workout.  I hit the gym …  Yesterday I did ankles-

The decision is yours.  Either you can look at the witty, avant-garde photos with a chuckle and a smile?  Or, if you like you are free to hang around as we strip back a few layers for your viewing pleasure?!?

Day one peeps clearly understand we give only a few shakes of the proverbial lamb’s tail when it comes to site stats and dreadful stuff like that.  It’s not what drives us or motivates us; Past, present or future!  However we have been seeing quite a few emails and messages of late asking:  What is up with this nonsense over here at CultFit HQ, bro or brah (if you hail from Eugene, OR)?”  From what we gather from our ongoing conversations with these fine folk is that peeps are really tiring of the Extreme, ELITE, Kranked and Cardio Barre Burn fitness fads (Ja Ja Ja).

These words will read as highbrow and superior.  Conveying tone in a blog-o-post can be arduous to say the least … We stand before you humble and laid bare.

One of the driving forces if not the only principle for CultFit is Karma Yoga.   Quite simply, Karma Yoga is the gentle practice of giving back to the communities of which you are a part.  CultFit has two parts:  What you see here before you and if you ever get up off your un-motivated butt?  Our offline, more intimate version.  In our most pure form we embrace Seva, selfless service.  Seva is an act of kindness and generosity that neither demands, nor expects, reciprocation.

Now this is where old Uncle Mo gets all pissy about the Money Grab and Look at Me ELITE individuals of the world (Those in the Know -Know whom we speak of) … Not today, we promise!

One of the great hall marks of our generation is that, more times than not we only take and not give back.  A friend recently defined the Law of Karma as to say: You get what you give.”  We implore you (along with us) to give back to those around you!  We are not talking about writing a post about your new shoes, heart rate monitor or What You Ate for Wednesday (Damn, that’s today … Oops!).  Hypothetically speaking it would be refreshing NOT to read and hear about peeps:  Volunteering at a local food kitchen, Donating time after work to mentor young kiddos, Helping an elderly neighbor …

If you would like to learn more about what we offer off of the inter-webz or if you would like to share ideas about giving back?  Contact us at:

Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

Slowly we will purge the Justin Bieber’s of the musical world …

The Plan-

The Workout-

One example of giving back to your community:

The hover-moms thought a merry-go-round was way too dangerous?  Coconut water has never looked so glorious spilling from someones mouth as when they saw this apparatus above!!!

Not For Time …

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Thick Grip Barbell Curls and Perfect Push Ups (Feet up Peeps) Followed by:

Take the number of stops you make this morning going to work (Stop sign, street light etc) x 10 and this will determine how many Hard Style KB Swings you perform later tonight!


So what does all this mean?  If from here on out, each and every time you open the “CultFit has published a new post” email on your precious iPad?  Think of this:  We as individuals may not get what we give.  Although in giving, we keep this whole darn world thing running.  Be well today and ENJOY!!!