Here and : Now :

Toutes les opinions ne se valent pas, et il ne faut pas confondre l’éloquence d’une parole avec la justesse d’une pensée-

I used to describe my yoga “practice” as something to do when it was too cold or wet outside to go for a bike ride, better yet – Cleaning the garage. My practice this afternoon, in this moment … Is much different.

Some years ago at 8th Avenue Yoga in Omaha, I was kindly invited to attend a yoga for “beginners” workshop by a close and dear friend. This was a profound step for me personally. The instructor was kind, a caring bully you could say. I feared I wouldn’t measure up to Jeff’s standards and the rest of the class for that matter. I was dead nervous unrolling out my mat for the first time, as the fresh rubber smell wafted in the studio air, my heart pounding with anticipation of what was soon to come.

I tucked myself away in a back corner, near a set of blinds that were gently drawn back to let the morning sunlight pour in. Worrying about how my fellow classmates would see me as they walked into the warmly lit studio, I thought about how I should appear like I belonged, to seek their approval. My mind, fixed on me, and I was deeply shaken as we were asked to step to the top of our mats.

Before the workshop, I was exploring an increasing number of possible paths to seeking what I thought was perfection: Researching “mindfulness” Self-confidence books, self-esteem courses, self-acceptance whatever, forgiveness from others, inner peace mantras and yoga “body” classes online. At each turn along this path, it was consistently suggested to me that I was living my life in the wrong way. I needed to do this, in order to became that.

Daily Meditation:

Fondly remembering my first class, I recall not being open to the idea that I was “okay” and that only I know what is best for me. I learned, slowly, over the years that it’s perfectly fine to have flaws, that it’s okay to be different, and it’s absolutely essential to smile (I still struggle with this).

What I failed to realize after gathering my sweaty self from the mat after that first class was that, you are okay, and you have what it takes to be the person you are meant to become.

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6 Comments on “Here and : Now :”

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Too true, brother. Doesn’t matter how long it takes us to get to this place of understanding either… as long as we get there, it’s all good. Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  2. katelon says:

    Many aren’t even conscious of the journey, nor do they care. Just taking that first step forward is an amazing and commendable feat!

    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

    • CultFit says:

      As always, thank you so much for your support and guidance 🙂
      This past weekend was quite peaceful! A walk to the local market, a gentle practice at home and catching up on a few books I have been neglecting. I hope all is well, take care!

  3. ckrupski says:

    I love this post. Many of us are in this same path of “self (not SELF) improvement”. Yoga started out like that for me… A way to improve or “fix” what was already perfectly imperfect… I just wasn’t aware:). And awareness and daily acceptance of where I, and everyone else is, in this very messy adventure of life. We are so hard on ourselves.
    My journey/ my energy/ my truth today is my focus when I practice yoga, not competing, or striving, or trying to attain an impossible pose. That’s not my practice now. Yoga is meeting yourself everyday right where you are and being compassionate to that person.
    All is well in Omaha… Take care friend!

  4. Reblogged this on Cambridge Aromatherapy and Massage and commented:
    And this is true both of giving and receiving massage. I regularly have clients who need to be reminded that wherever they are is OK and in reminding them, I remind myself!

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