Magic Theater – Entrance Not For : Everybody :

Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go-

Late last year I found myself working and “living” in our fair city, Cambridge, UK. Having fallen back in love with cycling after trying to kill myself running, instinctively I brought a few bikes with me. Riding in Cambridge is not the horror show many would lead you to believe. The streets, bridleways and footpaths this spring and summer have been refreshingly pleasant. I wake early, and not long after that, I’m out finding a pedaling flow before the sun comes up – Bliss! My almost daily rides have truly been wonderful, that is until last Sunday morning.

As I approached a blind corner near the top of Chapel Hill, which runs into a lovely, peaceful wooded path. There was a woman walking ahead of me, and my presence startled her.

“You need to be riding back on Chapel Hill road with the other cyclist,” she told me hastily.

“Good morning ma’am?” I replied, as my unquestionable ‘Murican accent wafted in the still air.

“Why don’t you cyclist follow the rules like everyone else” she replied.

I dismounted slightly ahead of her, and as softly spoken as the world awakening around us … “My name is Jeremy, and I’m out here for the same reasons you are – Peace, kindness, finding equanimity in this mad world. Plus, my bike is filthy dirty … The road weenies don’t like it when I spray them with mud.”

Kate smiled and laughed at my “Cars R Coffins” jersey. I on the other hand, melted, as Kate let down her startled guard. We walked for a short while, then parted ways further down the dirt path that was unfolding in front of us … I had broken into her peaceful temple, and for that I was deeply sorry.

Weekend Meditation:

Cambridge, the United Kingdom, Europe and little ‘ole Omaha, Nebraska are desperately trying to “fix” cycling related things. My solution to our (yes our) epidemic of hostility and intolerance involves a fundamental change in the prevailing attitude(s) of each one of us. Kindness, gratitude, honesty and a smile are free 🙂


13 Comments on “Magic Theater – Entrance Not For : Everybody :”

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Kindness is key, we never know how are attitude can change someone else’s outlook. Just like you did. Great post, man.

    • CultFit says:

      It turned out to be a wonderful moment and I made a new friend along the way. During our short walk she shared a ton of local “secret” trails that have I have yet to fully explore. All in all, a pretty cool morning pedaling around. Speaking of which? I’m making an effort to catch up on your posts, and a few key aspect keep revealing themselves to me – Your passion for life, your family and cycling! Keep it up dude and have fun 🙂

  2. So... says:

    Nice to see you back. Beautiful post.

  3. tracymartin says:

    Sweet..Your temples merged..

  4. Sandra says:

    Beautiful post from a soulful heart. Thank you for posting your story. I miss hearing from you. We all do–but it’s more important that you find your space. Post when you can.

  5. sittingpugs says:

    Have you come across wildlife darting about when you’ve been on the bike?

    • CultFit says:

      Can we toss other cyclist into our “wildlife” discussion?!? My true spirit is awakened early in the morning, awakening slightly behind the wildlife already scurrying about. Back home in Nebraska, it was the abundance of red tail hawks, deer playing in an open field, and the sweet melodies of the many birds – robins, jays and cardinals really speak to me. I’ll post some pics this coming weekend of my many rides this spring and summer in the UK, however, I have to share this with you now … In Nebraska, its generally frowned upon, and fairly risky to ride across a farmers field(s). Here in the UK, its completely different! I have spent many early mornings hanging out with sheep, spring lambs, horses, cattle and get this – emu’s!!! You can walk right up and have a chat with them, or as I often do, bring a few carrots and a couple apples to feed them. And the birds! The flora and fauna! Although, I do miss home, the wide open prairie, the brilliant morning sky of the Midwest.
      I’m catching up on some of your posts and I apologize for being a bad follower, but know this to be true – Your kindness, and passion for life it moving 🙂

      • sittingpugs says:

        Yes, other cyclists can be considered part of “wildlife,” ^_^. When you say it’s not in good form to ride “across a farmer’s field,” does that mean even if there’s a path on their property, you don’t go through it. You ride in front of their land on the main road like everyone else? But in the UK, that path is fair game?

        Looking forward to those pictures!

        • CultFit says:

          The legal term in the States is “Right of way” … A lot, the majority of farms in Nebraska may have have a main driveway that is actually a road. Does that makes sense? A drive that is miles long, and they make for good shortcuts between roads and add a little bit of excitement to a ride 😉
          I hope you are having a lovely weekend – Take care 🙂

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