Midnight : Flight :

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light

These early morning cycling commutes have me thinking about fear, a lot

Maybe I’m out of touch this morning, although I don’t think anyone in their right mind wishes to walk this beautiful path in life completely fearless. At least after the rush of a close encounter, we can appreciate that our internal warning “thing” is aligned with the red traffic light up ahead, preventing us from crossing the intersection and becoming tasty roadkill for the turkey vultures circling above (I miss roundabouts). Thinking about this for a moment, I don’t think I know anyone who appreciates being afraid for no good reason, or even just being anxious about future events; which just so happens to be my definition of being a “worry wort.

Once I start worrying above and beyond what is needed for the most basic survival (food – water – family – bikes – fantasy hockey …), worry builds upon worry, and my thoughts spin out of control. The question is what to do about worrying when it makes no sense?!?

 : Take a deep breath and return to the present moment :

Daily Meditation:

Our “worried” minds are accustomed to seeing only the negative in life, ignoring the awe-inspiring spectacle of beauty, love, and boundless opportunity that awaits us. Instead of “worrying” about these threats – Red Lights – Road Kill – Turkey Vultures … Maybe we can hone in on what is right in our life, the “little” things, such as the beautiful sky above, dew on a blade of grass and the Pittsburgh Penguins being eliminated from the NHL playoffs.

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6 Comments on “Midnight : Flight :”

  1. I am a reformed “worry wort”. Reformed to the point that I dedicate part of my life to teaching people to breathe. Worrying robs you of breathing, I think. Real breathing.

    My husband once asked me a question about my worries that, though simple, changed my life. He asked “How often do these things you worry about actually happen?”. When the spinning begins, that brings me back. The realization that I do not predict the future with my worries – and the gratitude for that.

  2. lolsy254 says:

    Oh that opening sentence gave me the chills!

  3. I started writing in my journal yest about all the worrying I do. Even though I know it does me no good! My mind is constantly racing. Meditation has helped me tremendously. Especially when I’m in pain (I suffer from Arthritis & Fibromyalgia) I’ll find myself worrying about the house work, cooking dinner, laundry, etc… The only way I can truly calm myself & my mind down, is with meditation a little puff puff. I find writing things down helps too… Btw, I’m a huge Boston Bruins fan. I feel your pain!

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