I will survive: if the hell rejects me, there is always the paradise-

You’ve done it again. Woke up late, head swirling around like the foam on top of your favorite latte, which you won’t be able to enjoy this morning. The shower, still cold as you dash off to clear the newly formed frost on your car. Hair still wet and your wallet left inside on the counter Learning of this whilst stuck in traffic of course. Here we find ourselves in a bad mood of epic proportions!

Take a moment to pause, loosen your grip on the steering wheel and set the gadget down next to you. Ask yourself in this precious moment, “What is my attitude toward myself right now? Am I relating to myself with judgment, with mindfulness, warmth, and respect?”

The way of healing begins with kindness.

The gesture of kindness may include saying “YesThis is what’s happening right now, I can handle this.


Through practicing offering ourselves and others the gesture of kindness, we gradually discover that our response to life becomes increasingly spontaneous and natural. In time, we recognize it as the most authentic expression of who we really are. Who would have ever thought that being kind would be a “cool” thing to do?

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5 Comments on “Kindness”

  1. Sandra says:

    I really needed this today. Thank you, from the woman who left in such a rush her phone is somewhere at home.

    • CultFit says:

      Every day I forget something, today was forgetting to shut the garage door – opps. 🙂
      Turning to kindness helps me immensely during these moments of self doubt…Take care today and be well!

      • Sandra says:

        🙂 Yay. I am not alone.
        Today I may have realized I lost a student paper. Shhhh.

        • CultFit says:

          If I recall correctly from my days at University, if a professor “misplaces” a students work … Its an automatic A for the semester correct? 😉

          • Sandra says:

            Um. Yeah. Luckily they turned the papers in electronically so I just got to download another copy and grade it. Although, she did have one of the top papers in class 😉
            Thank goodness for online submissions!

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