Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet-

Where is your mind when you’re “working out – running- cycling – racing“? Is your mind busy planning tomorrow’s running route as a bottomless ravine moves closer and closer towards your aching feet? Is your mind still wrapped up in some excitement from earlier in the morning, replaying a conversation over and over again as you put another ice pack on your sore knee(s)?

When we are looking forward to the future or back into the past, then by definition we cannot be in the present moment.

Walking, slowing down the pace of life, mindfulness, turning off the phone, yoga and many other cool “things” provide us a wonderful opportunity to be present, mindful and aware, as opposed to being distracted, stressed and overwhelmed. Presence, mindfulness and awareness provide us an opportunity to train our mind and spirit, to understand what it means to be in the here and now, with a healthy sense of appreciation, patience, and a non-judgmental attitude. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get back in touch with the world, the world in which you live in.


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9 Comments on “Mind(Full)”

  1. mariavlong says:

    Got it. No time travel when you are moving for maximum benefit! 😉

  2. Timely advise. And welcomed advise.

  3. Sandra says:

    I really need help with this. Focusing on the moment. Right now. Here. Inside of me.
    It is getting easier, though, now that I can actually swim and run. exercise, i think, is good for concentration-building.

    • CultFit says:

      There are many ways of exploring what works best for you and it seems you are starting to tap into it a little bit with exercise and being active, awesome!
      Rehab work in the pool, balance board stuff, heck even shutting your eyes for a moment standing on one leg all bring home one “little” point … focus and the present moment. 🙂
      Enjoy the great weather tonight if you can, take care!

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