Bring Wine

For I am suffering crop sickness from the vintage;
God has seized me, and I am thus held fast.
By love’s soul, bring me a cup of wine that is the envy of the
sun, for I care aught but love.
Bring that which if I were to call it “soul” would be a shame,
for the reason that I am pained in the head because of the soul.
Bring that whose name is not contained in this mouth, through
which the fissures of my speech split asunder.
Bring that which, when it is not present, I am stupid and ig-
norant, but when I am with it, I am the king of the subtle and
crafty ones.
Bring that which, the moment it is void of my head, I become
black and dark, you might say I am of the infidels.
Bring that which delivers out of this “bring” and “do not
bring”; bring quickly, and repel me not, saying, “Whence shall
I bring it?”
Bring, and deliver the roof of the heavens through the long
night from my abundant smoke and lamentations.
Bring that which after my death, even out of my dust, will
restore me to speech and thanksgiving even as Najjar.
Bring me wine, for I am guardian of wine like a goblet, for
whatever has gone into my stomach I deliver back completely.
Najjar said, “After my death would that my people might be
open-eyed to the ecstasy within me.
“They would not regard my bones and blood; in spirit I ama
mighty king, even though in body I am vile.
“What a ladder I, the Carpenter, have chiseled! My going has
reached the roof of the seventh heaven.
“I journeyed like the Messiah, my ass remained below; I do
no grieve for my ass, nor am I asslike of ears.
“Do not like Eblis see in Adam only water and clay; see that
behind the clay are my hundred thousand rose bowers.”
Shams-e Tabrizi rose up from this flesh saying, “ I am the
sun. Bring up my head from this mire.
“Err not, when I enter the mire once more, for I am at rest,
and am ashamed of this veil.
“Every morning I will rise up, despite the blind; for the sake
of the blind I will not cease to rise and set.”

جلال‌الدین محمد بلخى‎


This coming Saturday join me at the Omaha Healing Arts Center for a “Rumi Celebration”– An Invitation to Universal Love and Knowledge. If you would like to learn more please visit the OM Center Website.

Be well today!

CultFit Bloom

6 Comments on “Bring Wine”

  1. says:

    Such a pleasure to see the artfulness of words so arranged that one must look, listen, and study much as one would do the same in studying a painting by Van Gogh or Picasso.

    • CultFit says:

      You touch on the elements of Rumi’s writing that I love the most. Each time we read them we could be in any state of emotion: Sad, happy etc. They take on a whole new meaning, just like any form of art. 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend, take care!

  2. Fabulous poetry. I couldn’t decide to laugh or cry.

  3. Maia says:

    Did the celebration turn out well??

    I am sooo missing out on sooo many stuff. “… my ass remained below; I do no grieve for my ass, nor am I asslike of ears.”
    But my ass is stuck in this place.
    For now…

    • CultFit says:

      Thank you so much for asking! Saturday was insane busy … I was only able to take in about an hour in the morning of the Rumi celebration, which honestly was more than enough for me. Watching and hearing people read their favorite poems really was inspiring and touching! The afternoon noon was filled with a local bike club event, eating, drinking, biking, drinking, eating and finally … Going out to dinner with my patient wife and some good friends. 🙂
      I did think of you Saturday, my son and I were in a local non profit bookstore and I stumbled upon a Rumi pocket sized book full of his work. I thought it was pretty cool and that you would have liked it. Take care on the beautiful Monday morning!

      • Maia says:

        Awww… I would have liked it. =) *throws Rumi pocket-sized book at ya* … and uber envious!!

        I’ve started my Tai Chi, btw… oh, man! Was surreal and downright funny. I’ll probably write about it later. Mulling the words in my head still. Words have been quite difficult to come by lately… kinda in a rut… grrr! Maybe a run will get me off this funk. Then yoga. And no… I’m not pushing myself!! Craving for endorphins, that’s all.

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