I Can’t Go For (That)

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master-

Remember those New Year’s resolutions you made under the best intentions to run a marathon this summer, loose a couple extra pounds, become less attached to technology, whatever?!?

I can’t remember them either, so we’re cool

Before we get too far along, start traveling sideways and I start doling out advice about “life“. The tone of this post is to bring to light an idea(s) to help you celebrate yourself this summer and the remainder of the year. Far too often we celebrate finishing a big race, blossoming on the mat, that we often overlook who got us there in the first place …

Take a moment this weekend to sit down, with an actual pen, a few pages of organic-renewable-locally sourced paper, a pint of Wynkoop Rocky Mountaion Oyster Stout, to write yourself a letter. Dated one year in advance for good measure. I can personally say that this exercise is best done after a recent success or  “pat on the back” moment in your life. Imagine looking back a year from now, from a place of having achieved your most important goal this year. Don’t hold back while you pen your letter either. Thank your present self, give some tips, share a few failures and what you did right when things got tough. Savor this moment …


My resolution this year was not to write any self-serving advice posts … Take care and be well today!

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11 Comments on “I Can’t Go For (That)”

  1. Sandra says:

    What a great way to get me back into journaling again 🙂 And what a great idea.
    First, a run (after my online office hours). Check the mail for the awesome prize packages I was lucky enough to win these past two weeks. . . then
    A letter to myself.

  2. srfogel says:

    I agree with the celebrating the future vision of success. One experience of mine to share. If we have those resolutions or other goals and commitments incomplete, it pulls on our energy and makes it hard to start anything new. Before starting that letter to ourselves, it is very valuable to make a list of all those incompletes or ‘should’s’ or ‘gonna’s’ and then cross off the ones we are not going to do, renegotiate the ones that involves others, and really track and complete the ones that have our true commitment. Then we move clear and free into the big and small wins that we are envisioning for ourselves over a Stout or it’s older cousin a Single Malt.

    • CultFit says:

      A brilliant, thoughtful and poignant thought. Thank you so very much! In the past I beat myself up continually after failing to meet a scheduled goal, trying to make up for it the next time around. Life and injuries in general forced “things” into perspective for me, quickly. Now, its savoring a hug from the little one after a ride home from work and watching my wife enjoy her Glenfiddich sitting on the porch after a long week. Take care friend and be well!

  3. Amazing image; reminded me of Horton Hears a Who.

  4. As always, an enlightening post. I won’t promise to write, but I will definitely try. And, I love the photo!

  5. I love the picture! You always find the cool ones 🙂 Writing – yes. I must do more and you always inspire me!

  6. I agree! It’s such a good idea to ‘check in’ with yourself after a while. Thanks for the good advice.

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