Inside of Clouds

Something more terrible than a hell where one suffers may be imagined, and that is a hell where one is bored-

I’m tired, weary and bored. The quintessential trifecta of re-injuring oneself, or others.

Boredom typically arises from one’s own lack of motivation, conviction and creativity. Each one of us gets bored now and then, for all I know you are already bored with this tedious post? However, the difference between being perpetually bored and seeking “healthy” alternatives is vast. You can become bored with running, cycling and yoga. Showing up and going through the motions, ignoring your body and true spirit. This is the kind of boredom that takes us down a destructive path …

How can anyone be bored in today’s world? Computer do-dad’s, IThingy’s, you name it! There’s even an app for being bored! It seems that one has to look rather hard, actually seek boredom to become bored. Once we are bored, it takes some perseverance to shake off. We can form a habit out of being bored because it presents a degree of comfort and safety. This is the point in the post where I tell you that you can become bored while running or doing yoga in the morning: Comfort and Safety.

Maybe today on the mat we can start in corpse pose? Shake things up a little bit …


Today is a brilliant day to get creative, who knows what might happen, especially if we keep an open mind?!?

CultFit Family

10 Comments on “Inside of Clouds”

  1. Sandra says:

    Or bored from too much technology 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      Your timing is impeccable! I just poured a cup of tea and was about to reply to your kind and thoughtful comment yesterday. 🙂

      I get bored way too often from all these gadgets. 😉

  2. Every time I am bored – I get into trouble!

    • CultFit says:

      When little dude and I get bored here? We really get into trouble. 🙂 I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well, take care today!

  3. When my son was younger he would come to me and tell me he was bored, I always told him it was good, and meant he was to make up something to do.


  4. binvested says:

    It’s so weird, but you always relay a message that I need…much gratitude to you for your writings.

    • CultFit says:

      I think its pretty cool, weird and amazing! 🙂 Its inspiring, passionate readers such as yourself that keep me writing about “touchy” topics that are largely ignored in today’s culture.
      Thank you so much, take care today and please be well!

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