Un poco de fe

I have great faith in fools – self-confidence my friends will call it-

Why is it that even our best efforts to create change often fail? Is it sheer laziness? Lack of motivation? The quality and variety of reality TV programming? Netflix? Many would attribute our failed attempts to change as a result of these examples. Really, who knew that duck calls and sophisticated red necks would resonate so deeply with ‘Murican folks?

Laziness and lack of motivation are often the go to excuse when our weekly goals implode on a Tuesday morning. Maybe what we need to address is our lost faith (in ourselves), the ever sagging confidence in our own inner ability to create change, possibility and growth.

As a society, external influences are growing in dominance, we are attributing increasingly more of our power to external solutions

This damn website lost my weight loss stats for all the hard work I had been doing this past month! And look, I gained five pounds this week!

By releasing control of our inner power and resources to external forces, we lose faith in our own abilities to create change, which only makes us more dependent on the latest and greatest external solutions. Neomania run a muck!

It’s only Tuesday the 99th day of the year (awesome hockey number) – Let’s resolve to rediscover our own inner ability to create meaningful changes in our lives. Before turning to the Google Machine or The Facetube for an answer to a problem, what if we first look within ourselves for the resource(s) to bring meaningful change?


Learning to be apart of the solution is a heuristic process. A process that will help you slowly build confidence – faith.

CultFit Alien

8 Comments on “Un poco de fe”

  1. cre8love says:

    I love this. I got rid of Facebook in January and feel like the most perspective I’ve gained about it is that people go OUT and seek for validation,confidence,whatever….instead of going IN and having FAITH in THEMSELVES.

  2. cathyo says:

    Wayne was and always will be the Greatest player EVER.

    • CultFit says:

      Plus, he’s a pretty cool dude: Humble, bright and honest. I’ve been reminiscing these past few days, especially since Mark Messier has been awarded the Order of Hockey in Canada. The good ole’ days 🙂
      I hope all is well, take care and be well today.

  3. mariavlong says:

    Pesadilla garantizada with that image! How do you find this??? Oh and Neomaina, I love it. I’m finding that just getting it done without wondering how it will come out at the end, gives you more room on stage to do it consistently and with some flair. Leave some room to be totally shocked if it does work, you know?

    • CultFit says:

      I certainly hope this image does not give you nightmares … The littlest Alien fan in our house picked it from our collection 😉 Your comment actually ties into the post for tomorrow in regards to creativity and expectations: I feel we are lacking in creativity and bucking under extreme expectations. We leave little room for flair, zest, passion and adding rich flavor to our daily lives. On a side note: I have totally been digging your posts recently! Take care today 🙂

  4. I agree with you in theory, but fail in practice. Do I need to do more soul searching? I am trying to change me, only to find myself stymied at every turn. I know of a time when I was doing the things I wanted, had done all the internal work and was becoming happy. What I seem to find impossible is continuing to be happy when life skitters out of control again. I’m always seeking an end. The end of an unpleasant job, the end of an illness, the end of loneliness, though I know it’s not about the end, but the now. Despite my best efforts if I drop the search for perfection, my motivation disappears.

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