Underwater Love

The unending paradox is that we do learn through pain-

Subtle discomfort, extreme anguish, disgust, regret – Pain.

Look at your tired face in the mirror, do you see the marks of weariness, irritation, stress, disappointment and worry? Due to the harsh and unkind accusations that we hurl at ourselves each time we pass We become estranged from the body that our delicate soul inhabits.

This morning, take a pledge towards yourself, a pledge for feeling as good as you can, each and everyday. A pledge for bearing painful experiences when they present themselves in the mirror – and a pledge for encouraging them to keep on walking, all the way out of your mind, as you confidently walk away.

When emotional pain does come (because it will), even softly, try to hold it in a broad space of awareness. Notice that awareness is without any edges, boundless like the brilliant blue sky above, with thoughts and feelings passing through.


If and whenever you remember this post, deliberately tilt toward the positive thoughts in your mind.

CultFit Mirror

4 Comments on “Underwater Love”

  1. cre8love says:

    Totally mending a broken heart. Thank you for this. I totally needed it.

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