The real meaning of things lies deep down and the real meaning of things is always beautiful because it is simply love-

Minimalism is not about having just a handful of items to help you make it through the day. Minimalism is about having only what you need, and nothing more. Maybe it’s my blonde hair or maybe it’s my unabashed “dude” attitude towards life? Maybe it’s the handful of Yoga/Spiritual magazines in the corner bookstore that lament, nauseatingly about “How to simplify” your life that brought me to write today?

If you really want to start simplifying your life?

Gather up everything you use on a daily basis and proceed to stack these items somewhere (a box would be ideal although some items may be too large for a simple box). Every time you need something from this “box”, pick it out and find a place for it in your life. A simple toothbrush comes to mind, the bikes to ride around with the kids this coming spring. The TV, iPad, magazines and even this blog-o-post can stay in the box.

After a fair amount of time you will start to take notice of a few things: Your teeth are whiter, your breath is fresher. Listening to all four acts of Carmen by the brilliant french composer Georges Bizet (The only likable French dude the world has known) is infinitely more enjoyable than surfing the webz and watching wretched television programming. Your posture improves as you start to walk with your head held high, with confidence and purpose. A far cry from wandering around aimlessly with your head buried in a gadget.

Take note, I’m not trying to make you a minimalist, for I am far from it. Purging the useless items from our daily lives may very well take the rest of our lives to accomplish. The box … Will always be there to take items from and to place back.

The Workout-

A pleasurable mid-morning Walk followed by a handful of Walking Lunges and just for the fun of it: Cartwheels to reconnect with our inner child, gracefully.

Notes: in its present state? Is a mess and has been placed back in my “box“. The more you try to simplify “things” the more complicated they become. I suppose the very same logic applies to most of what we do on a daily basis?

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10 Comments on “Minimal”

  1. Paula says:

    I’ve been bombarded my messages to simplify and minimize. I’m doing it! I am!

  2. What happen to the ‘like’ button? Anyway I like πŸ™‚

  3. “blonde?” Wow was my image off. πŸ˜‰
    This is so difficult for me, but I love the idea of that literal and figurative box.

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