Lo Fi Groove

Whatever you do, it should be an expression of the same deep activity. We should appreciate what we are doing. There is no preparation for something else-

It’s amazing how some days (like today) we slowly roll out of our warm beds, rub the concrete form our eyes, wake up and the world seems beautiful, awe-inspiring at every turn, full of wonder, kindness … Pretty cool indeed. We haven’t even looked out the window to see what the true weather has in store for us. The sun shines on us this day, the future seems promising and bright, we feel healthy and energetic, and our lives are full of love.

Although other days (tomorrow) on which our life is eerily similar to the movie Groundhog Day, we roll out of bed and wake up to a sense of darkness, already believing the world is bleak, dark and ugly, that the people around us are feeble-minded newts, that the IT Band ache we have been nurturing will be the end of us, that our past weeks worth of slowing down to listen to our bodies was wasted, and our future is bleak because your pretty pink socks are in the wash … **I can’t run today with an outfit that does not match from head to toe!”**

We are so easily swayed and affected by our caught up in the moment emotions, desires and rambling thoughts. When we fantasize about the newer, cooler purple Brooks pure connect 2’s or get caught up about the miserable fight we had last night against our body during yoga class? Tomorrow is going to suck to no end! Our lives have become similar to one long stare at the brilliant sun shining down upon us: We are ever so blinded that we simply cannot see beyond this very moment.

CultFit Focus

The Workout-

Crocodile Breathing, Dead Man Rolls, Dead Bugs, KB Arm Bars, Perfect Turkish Get Ups … Breathing goes a long way today (hint).


At the end of the day, when we are wrapped up in bed pondering the thoughts of the last 24 hours … Few things in life appear to be as important as we think they are while we are thinking of them.

**A show of hands if you have ever uttered these words?!? Come on don’t be shy, purge your feelings this morning.**

CultFit Dino

12 Comments on “Lo Fi Groove”

  1. Jill says:

    [hand raised]

    And after ignoring the unknown-to-me phrase “Turkish Get Ups” for ages on CultFit, I looked it up last week. And then I tried out at the gym this weekend – holy deliciousness!

    • CultFit says:

      No matter how much weight you use or how empowered you feel, this movement, like all the other movements we do here, is based on proper breathing and alignment. If you want to jack yo self up, real quick?!? Fail to do these properly. Apologies for the rant, there are a lot of bad videos and sites out there degrading this beautiful movement. Take care today and I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed these. πŸ™‚

  2. misselletea says:

    I’m sorry to link to my blog… but I’m going to anyway. Its only because you mentioned bedtime thoughts… and you reminded me of my post. Kind of.


    I love your lo fi picture.

  3. Great post- it’s all about staying in the moment πŸ™‚

    • CultFit says:

      You should be noticing some rather tedious and consistent themes over here?!? πŸ˜‰ Just like in today’s post! Wishing you the best today, be inspired and have a great day!

  4. Tara Woodruff ~ The Challenge says:


  5. Enjoying reading your blog. Thank you for taking a few minutes to check mine out!

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