Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life
For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision
But today well lived makes
every yesterday a dream of happiness
And tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day!
Such is the salutation of the dawn-

This post comes from the heart and we mean this sincerely:  We cherish each and every reader that stops over for a visit.  Our challenge to you over the next few days and heck, until January 2nd, 2013 is to embrace and intertwine the following thoughts into every fabric of your existence.

Thoughts for living an Authentic Day:

Just for today, I will try to live through this day only — and not tackle my whole life’s problems at once.
Just for today, I will be happy. This assumes that what Abraham Lincoln said is true:   “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Happiness is from within — it is not a matter of externals.
Just for today, I will adjust myself to What Is and not try to adjust everything to my Own Desires. I will take my family, my work, and my luck as they come and fit myself to them.
Just for today, I will take care of my body.  I will exercise it, care for it, and nourish it and not abuse nor neglect it, so that it will be a perfect machine for my will.
Just for today, I will try to strengthen my mind. I will study. I will learn something useful. I will not be a mental loafer all day. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.
Just for today, I will exercise my soul in three ways:  1- I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out.  If anybody knows of it, it will not count.  2-  I will do at least two things I don’t want to do, just for exercise of will-power.  3 I will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt. They may be hurt, but today I will not show it.
Just for today, I will be agreeable.  I will look as well as I can, dress as becomingly as possible, talk low, act courteously, be generous with praise and criticize not one bit nor find fault with anything.  I will try not to regulate nor improve anyone.
Just for today, I will have a program.  I will write down just what I expect to do every hour.  I may not follow it exactly, but I’ll have it as a pattern to follow.  It will save me from the two pests – HURRY and INDECISION.
Just for today, I will have a quiet half-hour, all by myself to relax.  In this half-hour, some time, I will think of a higher power, so as to get a little more perspective to my purpose in life.
Just for today, I will be unafraid, more specifically:  I will not be afraid to be happy, to enjoy what is beautiful, to love and to believe that those I love, love me.

The Plan-

Link of the Day:  Instead of giving Random Advice to others?  Take a few minutes to Learn Something Meaningful.

The Workout-

Dust off the old Kettle-Bells and meet us out back …

The CultFit KB “Bear

Double KB Dead Clean

Double KB Front Squat + Press

Double KB Shoulder Squat + Press

Double KB Stiff Leg Dead Lift + Bent Over Row

All of the movements above, combined together in one fluid movement equals One Rep … How does 10 reps sound?!?


Anyone and we mean anyone can learn to perform: Yoga, X-Fit, Boot Camp, Pilates, Kipping Stuff and anything else you can think of.  <— This is not CultFit!

Are you familiar with the grey matter between your ears and that “thing” that beats wildly in your chest when confronted with a challenge?  <— This is CultFitENJOY!!!

13 Comments on “Sunset”

  1. Sis says:

    I needed this today, thanks.

  2. hsoi says:

    – Just for today, I will try to live through this day only – and not tackle my whole life’s problems at once.

    THIS. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. cathyo says:

    — Just for today, I will try to live through this day only — and not tackle my whole life’s problems at once.

    this is a tough one…sometimes we forget! thx

    • CultFit says:

      I was hesitant to post these thoughts today as I really do not like giving advice (many reasons why 🙂 ).
      If we step back and focus on one item in our list for the day, that’s a really good start. Tomorrow we can pick another one … Soon enough we will be able to embody these thoughts and enjoy each and every day. Be well today and I’m glad you stopped over.

  4. Excellent post! And, of course, always easier said than done 😉

    • CultFit says:

      Totally agree, with a twist … To me personally one of the hardest things we will do in life is to take care of our mind and heart. It’s only after we do this that we can nurture our bodies properly.

  5. This post could not have come at a better time, since I am facing some big family changes and its overwhelming to deal with. Love all the little quotes to keep in mind 🙂

  6. LizForADay says:

    I wish I had that book on traumatizing your kids. Oh well mine are grown now, but I think I did a good job of traumatizing them. 🙂 What is the significance of 1/2? 🙂

  7. Should I be worried that your posts just keep making more and more sense to me?

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