You’re Only as Old as You Feel

An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young-

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse:  Storm Blaster

What are we looking to achieve through this “thing” called life anyways?  Have you ever stopped to think about the phrase: I’m trying to get through life by any means possible?  The problem is that we spend every ounce of spare energy we have kicking, kipping, running and forcing our bodies through the day.

Woke up late, Rushed to make it in the shower, Traffic is a nightmare and the tank is on empty, I’ll run at lunch, Damn that frigging deadline was today … Screw lunch!  I’ll run and workout before bed

Want to know what’s crazy, truly insane when you step back and look from a different perspective?  We honestly feel that the hardest “thing” we will do in life is some random marathon, CrossFit, Bootcamp, P90x or even a romp in the mud.  Everyday life peeps is a marathon (or whatever else), one deadline after the other.  One hardship after another, one triumph and struggle after another … Finally we end the day with a sprint to the finish line  (SLEEP!). Our lives are such a myopically focused race, for what?  Each and everyday goes by in a rush.  When others view us they see a blur, a streak rushing past to the finish line …

There’s no “Participant” medal at the end of this Finish Line … Digest this thought over your tea today.

The Plan-

The Workout-

Apparently the cool kids like to name their WAD’s or whatever.  Say hello to “Sandy“.

Go for a nice relaxing Trail Run.  That’s it … Well?!?  Add the following to the end:

100 Perfect Push Ups

100 Goblet Squats

100 Hard Style KB Swings

Liz!!!  The image below is just for you (from the video you could not watch yesterday):


Start Living … Enjoy!!!

14 Comments on “You’re Only as Old as You Feel”

  1. cathyo says:

    sometimes it would be nice to receive a finisher medal for making it through the day!

    • CultFit says:

      A kiss goodnight from your kids, a hug from your spouse or close friend … A walk before bed to ease your mind. Simple pleasures we all ignore trump a cheap medal made in China. 😉

  2. Sandy looks (appropriately) like a butt kicker! 😉

  3. vgrandja says:

    I do like having a lot of fun (and still do chores and whatever) but still fun is the thing for me. Does that make me a hedonist?

  4. Amen….we put off waiting for the right time to exercise and by doing so that time never comes. My days do feel like marathons sometimes. The things I enjoy the most about life are crammed into the morning before my long day of work or….if I’m not too exhausted….after work before dinner.

    • CultFit says:

      This is another topic I that I have written about quite a few times in the past year. The topic today came up after talking with a friend and then reading a blog post later in the day. Both of these people are working towards med degrees, blah blah … I asked a simple question at the time: Do you want to be a Doctor or kill yourself getting a workout in? They were stretching themselves really thin and just needed a little perspective. To me, life transcends fitness and working out. Unless you get the family involved! 😉 Take care tonight and be well.

  5. LizForADay says:

    THANKS for the update. 🙂 Awe you posted a picture just for me. 🙂 I hope you meant me. And sorry for the duplicate comments. I had some funky plugin issues. I hope it is fixed. I definitely believe age is relative. I don’t feel old at all. 🙂

  6. jswesner says:

    This is such a great concept to understand. I get so bogged down with the daily crap and live for only the special occassions. Really, I need to enjoy day in and day out everything.

    • CultFit says:

      Between you and me, this is one of the hardest things in “life” to do although when we take the time to slow down and become present in the moment?!? It is such a wonderful feeling! Take care today and try not to study too hard. 😉

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