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Learn to look without imagination, to listen without distortion: that is all. Stop attributing names and shapes to the essentially nameless and formless, realize that every mode of perception is subjective, that what is seen or heard, touched or smelled, felt or thought,expected or imagined, is in the mind and not in reality, and you will experience peace and freedom from fear.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

You might as well turn away now while there is still a chance to escape.  We are going to be talking about mindfulness once again, for like the billionth time …

One could think that mindfulness begins with opening your mind and opening your heart, consciously choosing to be completely present with whatever arises in our daily lives.  Being mindful is at direct odds with the blind reactivity we immerse ourselves in.

Follow along if you will …

Mindfulness is not just about being open to experiences, not just about seeing what is happening, as it is happening around us.  Being mindful is choosing to be fully present with our experience: Running, Cycling, Lifting, Making a Sandwich or even better, the world around us.

How many times have you heard the following: I want to be a better runner.”  “I want to be a better Cyclist.”  “I want to be a LvL 5 Yoga Guru!?!”  “I want to be better at this meditation trend that everyone is jumping on …

The following series of thoughts folks is how we delineate the difference between Being and Becoming mindful.  When we are mindful, we enter into a relationship with the object of mindfulness.  This can be characterized by being in a state of inner calm (quieting the voices in our heads), being non-reactive to the outside world, where there is plenty of temptations to receive and to respond.  The state of becoming on the other hand is a characteristic of a reactive mind, the conflicted mind that is never able to be fully present with what is happening around us.  When you start a new running program or anything else for that matter … Are you Being or are you Becoming?  A becoming mindset is forever moving away from the here and now, towards something else, something different.

The Plan-

Mike Stimpson

The Workout-

Continuing from yesterday …

5 Cartwheels (alternating sides)
10 Perfect Push Ups

Keep moving for 30 minutes, plain and simple.


How many fitness programs have you started then stopped this year?  Took up running for a few weeks and quickly gave it up for X-Fit and Cardio Barre Burn.  A rather deep message this evening … ENJOY!!!

19 Comments on “Thinking About Today”

  1. ctkwingchun says:

    Nut limerick? DAMN STRAIGHT.

  2. hiddinsight says:

    Love it! A free shrug for you. I’ve been doing kickboxing for over two years!!! Yeah!!!

  3. LizForADay says:

    I never that out about the being vs becoming. I really need to change the way I think about these to words. I think I am going to go for the being. 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      This subject is one of the more profound ones I try to write about. If we had the chance to go for a walk or share a bottle of wine … This is a great conversation to have in person. Being and Becoming is at the heart of what I teach away from the inter-webz.
      I hope you are doing really well and taking care! 🙂

  4. Taninja says:

    Now… I came across this – not sure if you saw it, but quite sure you’ll find it entertaining! Read and weep 😉
    ps, nice touch on the cartwheels..

    • CultFit says:

      This is a great find! Brings a whole new meaning to Strict Paleo 😉
      Work, Life etc has been so busy of late that I have not been able to stop over and check on your progress, my apologies. Take care once again and please be well!

      • Taninja says:

        Not really seeing any progress in my fitness these days: a tad injured. On the other hand, I’ve found my ethics as a fitness professional, but that’s a story for the blog I think 😉
        Hope all is well at the HQ too!! Glad you liked the blog.. found it quite amusing 🙂

  5. urbanbeings says:

    great workout, that one will have to go on the list as i still have to do the one from the other day! am racking these up! 🙂 nothing like a good limerick to start the day! 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      I love the sound of the word limerick, pretty cool! If you can wait and do these three programs back to back it would well worth your time (today’s program being the 3rd. 😉

  6. A says:

    I’ve never thought about the difference between ‘being’ and ‘becoming’ until today. It’s made me realise a thing or two. Great post. Thanks for swinging by my blog as well.

  7. garagegym107 says:

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud. As I ran sprints today, I was more “being” than ever before. Progress!

    • CultFit says:

      Sprints have that effect on people, you know? Making them lose their minds 😉
      Did anyone say anything about your laughing while sprinting?!? You probably already think I’m a wee bit crazy however I really miss being able to do sprints, especially hill sprints. A majority of programs you can cruise through on auto pilot, hill sprints require a deeper level of commitment and dedication … Plus: Hands down the most bang for the buck movement wise.

      • garagegym107 says:

        That must be why I feel quite like a little old lady today. You are absolutely correct, commitment and dedication are required.

        • CultFit says:

          We could chat about this via email if you like: Finding the correct sprint length for trainees?!? Too long and you loose the effect of the sprint. Too short … Long discussion! Have a great weekend and please take care. 🙂

  8. Inner calm? What’s that? 😛 I’m far more reactive than I like to admit and it’s something I’ve been struggling with/working on!

    • CultFit says:

      We all struggle with this, each and every one of us. I think/hope the quote from the post I am about to publish will help you as well … Fourteen profound little words.
      Have an awesome day and take care!

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