Heads or Tails

I am not afraid…I was born to do this-

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse:  Is CrossFit training good for kids?

Continued from Yesterday:

It takes some time although eventually we will achieve our own version of what society defines as aesthetically ideal or pleasing to the eye.  For many of us though we achieve this state in such despair that we are utterly disgusted with ourselves.  No matter how lean, strong, ripped, hot or sexy we shape our bodies into.  There  always lingers a deep sense of self-dissatisfaction.

The feeling of inadequacy that each one of us often feels; Makes perfect sense to us now:  The motivation to look a certain way will always be driven by the comparison to and competition against others.

Since the puerile reason is to fit into a particular mold that others have created for us, driven by the  insecurity and feeling of pressure for not being good enough.  All these years, The countless hours in the gym.  The early morning runs,  The broken, bleeding toenails we have endured.  The knee replacements, The spinal fusions, broken ribs, fractured orbital bones.  Missing our children’s birthdays and other important dates.  The money spent on the latest and greatest products, The countless supplements and money pissed away (literally).

All these years we are (in essence) practicing the art of  being insecure.  We are getting better at honing our insecurities  each and everyday, every marathon or fruitless competition.  For many, we have perfected the art of being insecure.

After 400+ posts and countless times slapping you upside the head you should know that:  No matter what you do.  From Cardio Barre Burn, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Walking, Running, Biking, Picking your nose etc.  You get better at what you practice!

Where does this leave us?

We are at our nadir here figurative and literally.  Our society has gotten really, really good at being insecure.  We have passed our keen ability to be insecure onto our children and others we meet …  Renewing this vicious cycle each and everyday.

This madness honestly depresses us and we feel lonely, vulnerable.

**99.9845% of the time we like to joke around during a post.  Not today.**

The Plan-

CultFit Kiddo’s:

Or this:

The Workout-

We’re totally bummed out.  If you want to go for a nice Walk?!?  Meet us out front in ten minutes.


Iconoclast”  Punch this nifty word into your Google Machine (Or click the link if you are feeling lazy?!?) today and ENJOY!!!

Healthy Children

23 Comments on “Heads or Tails”

  1. Iconoclast … Thank You I just learned a new word today. Yes I hit the link. Hey why do the work when someone has already done it for you 🙂

  2. urbanbeings says:

    A walk sounds terrific, missed the 10minute deadline though… next time 😉

  3. Somer says:

    I’m there, I’ll bring my fluffy friend, he makes everyone smile.

  4. LizForADay says:

    I truly think I am over the insecurity issues. I think. I better be at my age. Oh what a coincidence that you posted that moving truck image. I posted today about moving my office. None of my movers had Mad Ninja skills unfortunately. I guess you must have been feeling some of my energy. 🙂 Great minds brother…Great minds!

  5. garagegym107 says:

    I won’t say I’m over being insecure. I will say that I can now seperate real insecurity from phantom insecurity. Huge step. 😉

    Thanks again for the thought provoking posts!

  6. Damn those raisin cookies.

  7. Wow! I was just writing about a similar self-image type of thing myself the past few days. And that article on NPR…agreed. Planning to write a thing on that. Kids naturally run parcour around a playground – get them out to play, play, play – and feed them healthy things – it really is that simple. For us adults too.

    • CultFit says:

      Especially for us adults! One of our runners here Anne turns 69 tomorrow and after a recent walk she told me that she learns more through her grand kids playing than any running coach she has ever had. I agree … Somewhere between the ages of 20 and 50 we loose focus of life.

  8. […] I was THAT FLABBERGASTED! that people would even consider sending their kids off to Crossfit. Then Cultfit listed it under “Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse” and I thought to myself – […]

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