Monday 16 April 2012

To stray about and tire. To beg and feed oneself.  To brag and act in conceit. To simper and fawn.  To wilt and whine; to be furious; to be miserable:  What is this living but a child’s antic!

Quick question to start this splendid Monday morning off on the right foot:  Why do you insist that your workout should be so hard and uncomfortable?  This post may be as personal as we ever get around here for one simple reason:  There is an ethical brush fire surrounding the Fitness World and we are right in the middle of it.  Uncle Francis recently coined the term…” The Random Fitness Placebo Effect.”

We are going to put faith in you dear reader that you are aware of the placebo effect and save you from explaining it here.  That would be painful and nauseating…The faith we do not have in you is when this applies to your health and fitness program.

Answer these three simple questions after your next WAD or fire-breathing 5k program:

How does your current program enhance your current physical well-being?  How much effort does your fitness program require from you?  How many times during the last week did you perform said fitness program?

Expected benefit, Perceived effort, Adherence and Perceived benefit= The Random Fitness Placebo Effect (nice little definition if we must say so…).  Basically and as simply as possible: The The Random Fitness Placebo Effect is  a function of how hard YOU thought your fitness program was.

At least 300 peeps will email us here  this week wanting something difficult and complicated to perform.  Almost all of them will make the assumption that a challenging series of movements will do more for their overall outward appearance (That is what this is all about right?  Gotta look hot in them yoga pants?) than a more simple less dynamic movement, or that a complicated program will do more for their body than just being  mindful and present in oneself.

You will never get a Placebo Program here!  Four peeps now why this is!  There is a prevailing No-Pain-No-Gain mentality stirring up the winds to drive the flames further within the blog-0-sphere…You won’t find it here.

The Plan-

The Workout-

Thoroughly Warm Up into a think lather this morning and proceed with the following:

**Once you pick up your weight of choice it stays up**

25 KB Hard Style Swings

20 KB One Arm Perfect Presses (Each Arm)

20 Alternate/Pivot Goblet Squats

20 One Arm Bent Over KB Rows

Gently set the weight down and perform:

100m Sprint Out and Back

Rinse and Repeat…Oh, 5-10 times?


Just because you choose to engage in something that YOU perceive is hard, does not necessarily give you the perceived benefit YOU think it does?!?  Be safe today and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

16 Comments on “Monday 16 April 2012”

  1. jannath says:

    Thanks for the follow. Great blog 🙂

  2. urbanbeings says:

    love that clip, everytime I see it! Great post! Thanks, you help start the week off nicely!

  3. My life is a drama i don’t need no movie clip but it made me laugh and that’s the exercise for the day 🙂

  4. Chatter Master says:

    Thanks for the chuckle. In a couple of places!

  5. Julie says:

    Love the red sign. Yes, I am….. Love your point that tougher stuff is not necessarily going to make a hotter body. It won’t unless you know what it’s doing for you and you know that you’re getting results from it. I’d kinda call that mentality “random fitness”, kinda like how I ineptly handle business development 🙂

  6. ubilo1218 says:

    We loved the video! So great! thanks 🙂

  7. Video was great. Info on a workout has me rethinking my fitness methods. I will surely keep reading CultFit.

  8. Was looking for a tough kettlbell workout to do. I’m going to give this a shot! Thanks for sharing, I’ll let you know if I survive 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      This one is great personally. You could also work some KB cleans to a rack position before you head out for your walk. Maybe a KB DL and hang clean? So many options with the kb’s! Have a blast and please get back in touch with how you went about it!

  9. That “never regret anything…” is powerful!

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