Thursday 15 March 2012

All the people strain their ears and eyes:The Sage only smiles like an amused infant-

Ahhh can you believe how nice it is outside right now at precisely this moment in time?  Our apologies if you are still in bed reading on your new iPad…Maybe a spoiler alert would have been nice?  Yup its Thursday once again here at the pristine confines of CultFit HQ and that could only mean one thing, rest!  No…not that kind of rest.  There is no three on one-off rubbish around here although active rest could be applied at times (if playing on a play ground fits into your definition?).  Our rest is more intimate and personal rather than a time to recharge our vanity fuel cells like most of you do on your rest days.  Who cares moot point in our book and no sense fretting over it…

New Feature for Thursday’s!!!  Best caption to the pic below wins something (don’t ask us what that something may be) and will be judged via comments and amongst your blog-o-sphere peers…Without further delay:

The Plan-

Take the high road/easy argument path if you like although keep in mind that “yes” the video is funny…although something really good is going on here and some of the movements?  Well let’s just say “SOME PEOPLE” out there on the inter-webz think they are extremely intuitive and cutting edge in their WOD errr program design…

The Workout-

Rest Day or if you are really itching to do something…Go for a walk.


Rest up mates and ENJOY!!!

6 Comments on “Thursday 15 March 2012”

  1. Here’s my caption “You’re going to want to pull your belly button to your spine as your press your goose to the sky…”

  2. taninja says:

    Pure Paleo fitness: ‘Ducky get up’

  3. Alright, I have two captions. I couldn’t pick just one. One is fitness related and the other is well, not so much.

    “Ok Barry. This is how you do the Turkish Get-up with a goose if you don’t have a kettlebell. You first punch up into the sky with the goose in your hand….”

    “George? George, where did you go? Damnit George, you left me laying here all alone playing with my bird again!”

  4. Occupy the Duck Pond.

  5. Radically Authentic says:

    Lame duck politician, Ron Paul, does a few power presses before his next stump speech.

  6. angelahubbs says:

    Arrggg…. OOOOF…. AAAAAAHHHH…. one! whew!
    Think I’m going to need a spot….

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