Tuesday 13 March 2012

Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both-

Review from yesterdays post:

Is Nicolas Cage a good actor?

Is blindly following a recommendation from a celebrity via Twitter a prudent move?

Threading this together with one of our ongoing themes here:  Is following a Random Fitness recommendation a healthy long-term decision?

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse:

Charge your iThingy while breathing (<—-Once you click this link you will not be able to un-see the horror that lies before you!)

The words “Fitness and Health et al” are intimately intertwined in our culture.  Agree or disagree?  Post a comment after reading further…”So like ugh where are you dudes going with all this?”  As more and more Random Fitness peeps begin to  integrate Fitness/Health routines there are some that are not integrative in the least.  To dig a bit deeper this morning:  Integrative means you’re integrating the practice of a wide variety of fitness programs in the hope of making yourself healthy and whole.

You can calm down now, we are not trying to pooh-pooh the value of your program (Remember that is an EASY ARGUMENT to make).  Basically we are proposing to you a definition of Fitness/Health that incorporates the physical body, spirituality and a sense of overall well-being.

Quick Talking Points:

When did the end result outweigh the process?  We need to understand that we simply do not wake up in harmony and balance.  There are a million ways to go about discussing this…Would it be safe to say that our quest is not linear, or point to point?  And that we are prone to going through periods of re-doing previous programs and routines?  Now what would happen if we tried to join these last two thoughts together?

The Plan-

One of the main problems facing us is that we believe that we should be able to accomplish something without actually putting in any effort.

The Workout-

Warm Up into a healthy lather this morning and carry on with the following:

150 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings (keep these snappy today – feel free to break them up into digestible bits – nail down solid form!)

30 second Pull Up Hang (let go of all stress and lengthen out) followed by:

25 Perfect Push Ups (focus on breathing and allowing said breath to release you from the bottom)

About four times is good enough for the above two movements

Finish up today with the following:

15-20 Minutes performing a Turkish Get Up with no weight!!!

Here’s the trick:  Find something round and odd to use instead.  A six-inch diameter Mickey Mouse bouncy ball you bought for the kiddos a while back works.  We will even allow one of those five-pound exercise balls.  You need to be able to palm it, not grip it with your finger tips!  Focus your eyes through your palm and watch what happens…Tough little albóndiga with a 2 pood kb performing the TGU but you just dropped a Mickey Mouse ball on your head?!?  How do you feel now tough guy?


We are trying to pull four or five different theories/thoughts/anything together above in our post…always easy to chat about over a few pints although tough to iron out in a blog post.  Patience is advised and as always feel free to chime in to add to our dialog today!  Most importantly have fun today and be prepared to be humbled doing the TGU’s, ENJOY!!!

2 Comments on “Tuesday 13 March 2012”

  1. AlyssTG says:

    Breaking down the KB reps into smaller amounts makes them much easier to swallow! LOL

  2. rheath40 says:

    Love your post. And Nic Cage is a very, very good actor. He just picks shitty movies to be in. Check him out in the movie Face Off. The movie sucks, but his portrayal of both characters is brilliant. And watch Raising Arizona. He’s super in it and oh so funny.

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