Friday 9 March 2012

When one tugs at a single thing in nature,he find it attached to the rest of the world-

Please take a moment to sit down and pour a nice cup of tea.  It has been another long week exploring the realms of Random Fitness here at CultFit HQ.  The video below is about four minutes long, perfect amount of time for some Earl Grey to steep!  The video also sets the tone of our post today as well…

There have been numerous reports around the webz proclaiming the growing popularity of yoga in good old ‘Merica. How about some facts early in the morning peeps?  According to statistics provided to Yoga Journal by the market-research company GfK MRI.  There are roughly 14.3 million people in the United States that “practiced” (*cough-cough*) yoga in 2010, up from an estimated 4.3 million in 2001 (what a great year 2001 was…).  Who wants to bet their kids tuition money that the number of people TRULY practicing yoga today is a minute  fraction of that?!?  Ahh come on now you already pay $$$ for your monthly box fee…We’ll juice it up for you here in a bit!

YOU (yeah you reading right at this very moment) have been deceived into thinking that the true goal of yoga is to get skinny, fab and flexible.  Listen Up!  True yoga practice has nothing-zero-zilch-nada to do with your athletic prowess, or how your body looks. 99.862% of yoga is contemplative meditation, and that’s not culturally popular, trendy, hip, new-age and never will be available at Whole Foods. The discipline and patience required is way too confronting to our socially driven and busy lifestyle.  Wipe the coconut water dribble from your chin now yoga mom!  This is only going to get worse…

Take a moment to contemplate this thought:  More than 5% of all Americans are actually using yoga postures simply to take care of their body in preparation for meditation.  Whatever, that is infinitely too much of a stretch for us here at CultFit HQ to believe. Imagine how different our culture would be if 14.3 million of you accepted yoga’s invitation of thoughtful self acceptance and became truly invested in strengthening humility and eradicating vanity?

We firmly believe that TRUE YOGA PRACTICE (Yeah we said it!  Problem?) is dead in America due to the fact it is in direct opposition with some of our most deeply imbedded cultural norms.

The very essence of an endearing yoga practice is Ahimsa: Meaning “Non Harm”.  We are one of the most pervasively violent nations of peeps in the world.  Hell, just look at the name of your very workout program:  Insanity, Boot Camp, ELITE Fitness…We certainly have the tough as hell program name down to an art don’t we?  The root of all our physical violence has its beginning in the mind as non-acceptance, judgment, douche-bag-ness, competitiveness…all forms of passive violence we’re exposed to everyday.

“For the love of God!!!  Step down from your almighty soapbox Uncle Frank!!!”

Gentleness, Clear Intentions, Acceptance, Undeterred Willingness to see Perfection and for the love of all things:  Stop comparing and competing with others through yoga!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Whoa…Where did that all come from?  One thing is for sure!  Don’t check the email box this weekend Uncle Caleb…

Not for time…

Bike/Walk/Trail Run/Hike/Swim Anything you thoroughly enjoy for about an hour followed by:

45 Minutes of constant activity using the following movements:

Swings, Goblet Squats, Pull-Ups, Push Ups, Bent Over Rows, One Arm Press, Suit Case Dead Lift, Stiff Leg Dead Lift, Lunges…Did we forget anything?!?

Seriously get creative here and use that thing between your ears!  Oh and don’t forget about common sense…Grace, Flow, Movement.


What better way to end the week than by setting a brush fire around the Random Fitness World.  Be safe, ENJOY!!!

5 Comments on “Friday 9 March 2012”

  1. AlyssTG says:

    I wonder what a Yoga competition looks like?

  2. AlyssTG says:

    Ah, touching your head with your toes… (sorry if I commented twice, not sure if my other reply went through)

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