Friday 3 February 2012

You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing on-

Yet another long week is coming to an end and who’s to say we didn’t have an awesome one at that?  We do everything around here for a reason and contrary to some of the bloviated emails we receive daily, not everyday in the gym is all out global thermal nuclear war!  As we age and time goes on we step back to realize that “You know what?”  “Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to do it.”  We could write for the next ten months giving specific examples and spoon feed it to you with care, gently just like your are used to in your daily life.   Not here, not today never at CultFit HQ- Dear reader:  You are smarter than that.

The Plan-

What we are hinting at today is not the lack of willpower.  That excuse is to easy to use:  “Hey bitch get out-o-my face!”  “The little terrorist Girl Scout said I need to eat all of these caramel delights right now, so suck it!”  That’s easy, way to easy and we use it all the time (insert your own excuse right now).

Although, some of you peeps will use willpower to force yourselves to directly engage in a dangerous behavior, even when you dislike what you are doing.  All of this is done you claim for the sake of acceptance.  Because we are perpetual smart-asses around here and Uncle Mo likes to shout out in meetings:  “Yeah, like the yoga mom/pant militia!”  “Or anyone who does X-Fit to get better at yoga/pilates?”  Those are some examples.  You could also throw diet in as well or pretty much anything else in your daily life.

So on that note dear reader…Carry on clicking the like button after reading two sentences.  Continue to run too many miles in a week.  Go to your yoga class for vanity and selfish reasons (yeah that’s you isn’t it?).  Let everyone know you love apple pie via twitter and most importantly:  Keep doing what you are doing for acceptance?!?

The Workout-

Warm Up as you feel like and:

For about an hour or so.  Followed by:

200 Perfect Push Ups

200 Goblet Squats

200 Perfect Swings

200 Reverse Lunges

200 One Arm Presses (100 each arm)

And because you have no willpower-  Once you pick up the weight off the floor, it stays up!


Hand count class?!?  How many of you feel like your current program is depicted in the image below?  That’s kinda what we thought,  it’s fine little buddies.  Rest up this weekend enjoy the Rugby game on Sunday and prepare to get after it next week, ENJOY!!!

3 Comments on “Friday 3 February 2012”

  1. AlyssTG says:

    My life feels like that cat. hahaha great post – and yes, I read more than two sentences! lol

  2. Amanda says:

    Man! I think I could use your workout for today as a goal workout.

  3. y’all are getting deep for today, whew!

    my buns are sore from yesterdays lunges. but i will press on, i will run. yes! and i’ll run far and i’ll LOVE it.

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