Tuesday 10 January 2012

Less than fifteen percent of the people do any original thinking on any subject… The greatest torture in the world for most people is to think-

With New Years resolution  season in full swing now, the vast and overwhelming amount of tips and motivational “pats on the back” can be daunting to anyone trying to get back into the swing of leading a healthy life.

For the blog-o-sphere types, Random Fitness apes and yoga moms telling YOU what to do, CultFit HQ inter-webz  media relation guru Uncle Hayden has this reminder: Most people are visitors to the magical land of fitness, nutrition and healthy living; not full-time residents.

During this full on information blitz in particular, you are often exposed to a lot of information.  Far too often we easily lose sight of what tasty tidbits of information/advice are most important and helpful to us.

This all gets back to you, the visitor here to CultFit HQ.  This is much more of a tool than you may initially think.  Check out some of the links to the side here–>

There here for a reason.  Read the articles we present you with an open mind.  Be mindful that you, you yourself are the best training tool and motivator you could ever need.

The Plan-

Ask yourself these questions today:

What are my goals for the coming days, week, month, year?
What changes do I want to see in my life?
What am I willing to change about myself to achieve my goals?
What will I add to my life? What will I let go of?

The Workout-

Similar to yesterday…

One Hour Swim or Bike followed by:

100-150 Perfect Swings


We honestly hope you get our message today, ENJOY!!!

4 Comments on “Tuesday 10 January 2012”

  1. Yeah! It’s all about setting goals, and setting accountability safekeeping measures to keep yourself going. I miss my dasy as a real athlete, and so having some sort of goal… it feels like i’m in the race for something, it’s motivating.

    also, LOVE the quote about vistors vs. residents!

  2. omgitsjaneth says:

    LOL I LOVE THE CAVEMAN PIC!!!!!!!! great blog by the way!!! : )

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