Get Out Of My Life

Be yourself.  Life is precious as it is.  All the elements for your happiness are already here.  There is no need to run, strive, search or struggle.  Just Be-

Over the years, injury after injury.  One hardship after another …  Healing and building strength slowly yet again  We learn something rather important about ourselves:  What others think about you doesn’t matter.

Take a moment today to ask one of your friends who has ever obsessed over wanting to lose just ten more pesky pounds.  You could also ask them about the time they were trying to lose that little bit of extra “stuff” around their waist.  When loosing just ten more pounds is all that we focus on … Those pounds and extra “stuff” become larger and more profound daily until they fill every nook and cranny in our minds.  We do this over and over again until we are convinced that it’s all anyone else can see when they look our way.

HEY, You look rather stunning today!  Oh God he thinks I’m an over weight troll, he thinks I’m FAT!?!

There are reoccurring themes and strong undercurrents around these parts, messages that are told and re-told quite often.  One of which is making an honest (<—Key Word) effort to stay positive and making healthy choices daily.  The way you present yourself deep inside has a ripple effect on those around you …

Good morning dear, Are those new jeans?  You really look great in them!

Be happy with yourself (take that anyway you like)!

The Plan-

We will be featuring some pretty sweet art by Mike Stimpson all week.  Check his work out, it’s awesome!

The Workout-

Limber up and please remove your tired old shoes, you won’t need them today.

1 One-legged Squat, Right Foot
1 One-legged Squat, Left Foot
1 Perfect Pull Up

Set aside 30 minutes of your precious time and start rolling through this series, this is not AMRAP in 30 minutes peeps!  By the time you get to your tenth set you should find yourself moving through this program effortlessly …


Have a great one today peeps … ENJOY!!!