Returning to (Now)

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing 
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about

What is keeping you from being truly happy?!?

Maybe it’s not even the weight itself that you really seek to lose. Maybe what you really want to rid yourself of, is not the extra pounds, but rather the unhappiness you have learned to associate with it?!?

What if you could be happy without having to change or “fix” your body?

The kind of happiness I want to discuss, differs dramatically, from the temporary warmth and comfort that comes from getting what you want; stepping on the scale one morning and noticing a few pounds have vanished or a friend noticing you look amazing in your new yoga pants. The happiness I want to passionately share with you, is deeper and more abiding – dude. My definition of happiness is rooted in a sense of peace and well-being that cannot be “gained” nor can it be “lost

My kind of happiness? Is already part of your true self. It’s not hidden in the numbers displayed on an antiseptic scale. It’s not in the latest fashion trends from Lululemon, and it is certainly not from a friend.

My kind of happiness is the fruit of repeated acts of daily kindness, compassion, patience, forgiveness, courage, and love towards myself and others.

Daily Meditation:

Cultivating my kind of happiness? True happiness as defined by me? Is a beautiful smile that graces your adoring face walking past a mirror, and practicing peace, with your body.

CultFit Happiness

A Downward Look

Seen from above, the sky
Is deep. Clouds float down there,

Foam on a long luxurious bath.
Their shadows over limbs submerged in “air”,

Over protuberances, faults,
A delta thicket, glide. On high, the love

That drew the bath and scattered it with salts

Still radiates new projects old as day,
And hardly registers the tug

When, far beneath, a wrinkled, baby hand
Happens upon the plug.

– James Merrill

CultFit Mind Body Soul

Directo Al Alma

Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another-


Are you fully open to experiencing this beautiful life without censorship or bias? Living fully in the current moment, where our physical actions feel fluid, rhythmic; rather than static, tired and wasted. Do you trust your inner experience to guide you throughout the day? Empowered to interact with nature  rather than automatically reacting to events as they unfold in front of you. Is taking a creative approach to living authentically a foreign idea to you, lost years ago when we surrendered to technology, relying on routine and habit to fill every crevice of our lives.


Welcome to a new a chapter of authenticity here at CultFit, exploring long-lost traits of true happiness, bliss. As always please feel to join the conversation and help shape where this tangled mess is heading …

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