Modulating The Truth

Hear and forget, see and remember, do and learn-

We can never know what somebody’s really thinking when they look in the mirror at a store or when we see them out in the public market picking out fruit.  Sometimes we might look at someone and assume that because they appear beautiful, in shape, skinny or wearing the latest fashions?  That they may have a perfect life.

Late Life Learning

Chances are though … We’ll never know for sure how they really feel.

In today’s world: Perception really is reality.  Might we suggest to you (this is a first here) that we need to become more conscious of the way we treat our bodies and the way we speak about it to others.  Let’s try making an honest effort to stay positive in the hardest of times while at the same time making healthy choices that have a ripple effect in our lives, not just in our self-perception, but in the way others perceive us as well.   As we start to intertwine these better decisions in our lives, we slowly begin to feel better.  As we continue feeling better, we gradually start to act and become more confident in our bodies.

The gift that really does keep on giving!

The Plan-

The Workout-

If you have never been out for a Trail Run what are you waiting for?  Start with a nice Walk, ease into running and end with a nice Walk.  Your body will be glad you did!

Walking Lunges … 25 steps each leg
10 Perfect Pull Ups
10 Perfect Pull Ups

How many times through is up to you?


Apologies for the little rant yesterday, how will you ever forgive us?!?  The magic of CultFit is not the programs we are working with.  The real magic is reading between the lines and a willingness to do the work … ENJOY!!!