You Wanna Go Night Night …

If the roots are sick, is not washing the leaves an eye-wash? To fix the roots is not easy, but washing the leaves is dangerous, for it gives the illusion of health-

Before we start on yet another bloviated blog-o-post.  Watch this video to get all amped up and tingly inside this morning (or afternoon if you live in Turnipshire):

Have you ever noticed that our pity of others expresses a negative evaluation of a known bad situation?  Last time we checked peeps simply do not like to be pitied or looked down upon as if they are flawed in some sort or another.

Our  attitudes towards people who may be overweight or out of shape (What the heck is out of shape anyways?  Can someone please explain this to us?!?)  is a typical example of pity.   Some normal attributes of compassion may be giving a helping hand  to those near and dear to us.  Pity and compassion are not generated in every case of bad luck, but only when we believe that someone suffers from substantial misfortune.

There is one crucial  difference between pity and compassion:  It’s simply that compassion involves far greater commitment on your part to contribute any form of substantial help.  You may pity a woman for being fat and obese although that does little to help you or the woman.  On the other hand … Compassion involves a willingness to roll up your sleeves and to get personally involved in helping out, while pity usually means you could care less.  Maybe we can think of pity as being a spectator at the Olympics?  Jumping around dolling our pity yellow cardsout here and there where it is most convenient to us!?!

The whole dang point today (That will be lost in all the pics and silly videos):  Our pity revolves around our perceived  inferiority of other people.  No matter what it may be:  Oscar Pistorius running the 400m relay with no legs or Nadzeya Astapchuk (some claim she is too heavy and not womanly like … Ass-Hat peeps.) tossing a shot put around on the field.  Compassion peeps … Shines a lovely, bright light on the common equality in humanity (Which is pretty darn cool).

The Plan-

The Workout-

If we told you that the secret to living a healthy engaging life is:  Happy Hips and Happy Mind?!?  All the peeps reading today would walk away shaking their collective heads in great shame.

On that note:  A nice Happy Hips Warm Up and maybe a Swim followed by this series of movements:

Not For Time or AMRAP … Well, 30 Minutes of time at least?!?

10 Hinge Walk Out Perfect Push Ups

3 Perfect Dead Hang Pull Ups

30 Second Hand Stand Hold

Make note of when you started and roll through these movements for 30 minutes or so … No hurry!  Perfection!!!


Smile and ENJOY!!!

**This post was inspired by the comedian Kevin Hart and his Wanna go night night bit … If you have virgin ears or are overly sensitive?  Don’t watch the video.**