I would prefer not to-

Many, many issues in life arise when the self-centered aspect of our being, our ego, goes unchecked and uncontrolled. Manipulation … Let’s take a moment to say this aloud: Manipulation.

Manipulation is the preferred means of the ego in order for it to get what it wants, no matter the cost or damage incurred. Manipulation in a physical form can be seen all around this lovely Monday morning. Peek in on a yoga class and you’ll see well-intentioned folks pushing, gushing negative energy, simply not “being”. Manipulation in a physical form can be seen at the local trail head as well, ace bandages covering throbbing, painful injuries. Knee braces supporting a weakened limb, headphones and devices tuning out the present moment.

If we seek diligently enough, maybe in a misty bathroom mirror …  Manipulation can be seen to work on the emotional level as well. Bending us, forcing us to meet the manipulator(s) desires.


Manipulation on both an emotional and physical level blocks us from being free, ourselves and destroys our free will.

CultFit Manipulation