El tiempo no me dejará ir … Segunda parte

**Ear muffs on if you have virgin ears – You have been warned**

El tiempo no me dejará ir …

Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength-

Today’s sign of the Apocalypse: Instagram 

**It’s a sad world we live in when this is more important than … Anything really**

Hmm something is definitely in the air this holiday season, and it’s not the headache inducing scents coming from Yankee Candle Company and Lululemon.  The signs are everywhere:  Long lines at Whole Foods, shopping carts in the aisles, crowded parking lots and painfully waiting for the car ahead of you to move at a fresh green light (we so miss roundabouts).

Puzzled and Curious, we ask of you your thoughts:  Why are we stuck in our lives like the rush hour traffic on the 405?!?

People are drowning in information at every turn, much of which is irrelevant: Fantasy football, Pinterest, Facebook, Yelp … You name it!  Our pristine faces are buried in our phones, probably right now reading this blog-o-post!

Picture 001

Every minute of the day we are downloading information.  How many of you will be at your desk waiting for the next Facebook or Twitter update and interrupting your productivity to check in on the latest useless piece of trash from TMZ? You are getting weather alerts, breaking news headlines, futures market quotes, spam emails and text(s) in addition to the messages from all of the social networking sites … While using the restroom at work.  It’s sad but true.

It’s amazing we have attention to spare on the basics of life:  Like answering questions, from real people in front of you!  Mix in the stress of recent troubling news and the holidays?  Not good peeps …

CultFit Tank

Big boy and gal chat time:  Create some space in that old head of yours!  Unplug and throw the phone in the boot on the drive home today.   All of us are fatigued and exhausted, we need to distance ourselves from this burden.  Even if only for a few weeks and the holidays pass for another year.

The Plan-

CultFit Steps like a Boss

The Workout-

Picture 002

Head out into the snow to do something you love.  Maybe our signature Happy Hips Warm Up?!?  Followed by:

10 Perfect Pull-ups
10 KB Halos
10 KB High Pulls (Snappy and Even)
10 Perfect Push Ups

Five is a nice number?!?


Phones in the Boot* for the drive home … ENJOY!!!

CultFit Brain

*If you live in ‘Murica?  Toss the phone in the trunk.