Of These, (Hope)

Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise-

Giving is extremely simple. The post today is dedicated to you, how’s this for a simple gift? Giving is also extremely easy to get wrong: Handing your beautiful wife a vacuum cleaner for her 10th anniversary or a New England Patriots – Tom Brady Snuggie for her birthday? Bad idea (we learn from our mistakes). When we give to others, its critically important to be kind and sensitive to whom we are giving to. During the process of giving a gift we need to consider what will genuinely make the other person happy, what will make them smile and bring joy into this special moment in our lives.

There is one gift, a gift we give whether the other person likes it or not: It’s the gift of our time and company. While giving my time and company I have found it useful and maybe you will as well … To be sensitive and delicate with how much time we allocate to listening, and how much time we spend jabbering away about some god awful yoga class or the folks at the store this morning. Giving is easy, but doing so with sensitivity, care and a dash of tact takes a lot of practice.


The way in which we give reflects in the way in which we receive. Whether it be instructing an early morning class or sharing the company of a friend riding the dusty back roads of Nebraska … Learning to give with purpose and meaning is the same as learning how to receive. The very essence of both is one in the same, giving and receiving are reflected in the other, appreciating the “moment” for everything that it is, receiving warmly – with kindness, we learn that giving a vacuum cleaner is not a good idea.

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If Only

   There is a very little word that we often use. It has only two letters, but it is full of power for good or evil. It is the word ‘“IF”.  Do not be always fancying that IF your circumstances were different you would be different; IF only other people would be agreeable, you would; IF only you were somebody else and had their chances you would do differently;  IF this, that and the other might be, all would be well with YOU.


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The Plan-

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The Workout-

Rest Day … Balance Beam work and a touch of Crocodile Breathing.  Maybe some Walking Meditation in the afternoon sun?!?


Smile today and ENJOY!!!

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