Tuesday 28 February 2012

It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life-

Mail Bag Time:

Sister Janice writes:  “Love the workouts daily!  Don’t get to do them much but they are inspiring and give me some ideas to kick around.  Couple questions:  Are the workouts always outside?  Also I don’t have a pull up bar, what do I do?”

Thanks for reading and chiming in with a useful email Janice!  First question:  YES, Always outside not matter what the conditions may be!  In today’s age of social media and disconnecting from reality it’s all to easy to make an excuse not to go outside for a program.  Second question:  Tricky one.  If you do the outside thing there are pull up bars everywhere:  Play ground equipment, gazebos, trees and so much more.  Don’t be afraid to be “socially” awkward working out either!  Home made rings, bands and other implements travel well and hang nicely from play ground equipment.  Thanks again for the questions!

Brother Jasper writes:  “Are you guys CrossFit or what”

Thanks for the email Jasper!  Here is the answer you are looking for:  No, not even close!  For comparison sake consider us the Brian Dunkleman’s of the Random Fitness World and this is now CrossFit:

Where were we?!?

“You guys over there at CultFit HQ need to get your act together, quick!”  “No one takes breathing seriously…”  How do we tie together what we ramble on endlessly for weeks at a time?  Let’s start with what we know are facts, everyone likes a healthy dose of facts during the day:

  • You wake up and find a workout program on Pinterest or some X-Fit site that fits your level of fitness errr level of laziness.
  • You find some crazy inspiring pic from the webz to get you all amped up and motivated.
  • Update the pod thingy with the latest dub-step beats to tune the world out.
  • Lace em’ up and take that first step on the weathered path of fitness righteousness.

That’s what you do right?  In one form or another?!?  The question is from this angle over here:  What ties all of that mess together?  We’ll make this easy on you with a question:  What is the primary link between your body and mind?

One of the best tools you have available to you as a Random Fitness peep is your breath.  If you take only one bit-o-info from this ramble today let it be this:  Repetition and Training are paramount to your success.  This is no joke, Uncle Pliny has been known to keep track of his breath count during runs.  And has on numerous occasions pinpointed exactly how he was breathing as struggles were encountered along the way.  All of our training approaches have one thing in common:  They are practices, and, for the practice to be effective and beneficial to you?  Pay keen attention to how you breathe.  Allow breathing to become the starting point on your fitness journey!!!  And you guys wonder why we go insane about incorporating strenuous activities and yoga together…You can stretch and do mobility drills all you want.  Hmm do we smell a new cert on the horizon?!?

The Plan-

We know through research that some of our dear readers are indeed dogs.  Look at this unbridled determination!

You don't get this feeling on a treadmill!!!

The Workout-

Remember this from yesterday?

Today and for the rest of the week Warm-Up into a lather before starting the program!

Swings, Pull Ups, Sprints, Inversions and Push Ups all seemingly harmless on the surface…

Not For Time…

3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Perfect Pull Ups (Change grip each set, arm pits out lose torso, legs fully extended.  The opposite of the Hand Stand Hold below!) Followed by:

30 Second Hand Stand Hold (Actively push through the floor and toes aim towards the sky.  No flopping around either!)

If you do Pull Ups differently than the way you perform a Hand Stand?  What is wrong with this picture?  Care to comment…


Remember the goal of the week peeps?!?  ENJOY!!!