: Festivus :

I got a lot of problems with you people-

In the lighthearted tone of this “special” holiday, I would like to share my grievance(s) from the past year. I’ll wait, patiently, as you set up your aluminum Festivus poles and prepare for your feats of strength.

Tailgating drivers, zombie like pedestrians, and folks who go one tarnished step beyond stealing spots reserved for the elderly and pregnant women – Pale in comparison to individuals running late to yoga class!

Daily Meditation:

Celebrating this truly brilliant holiday, allow me to close with a simple question – What irks you the most on a daily basis?!? Air your grievances below or at least write a comment in ALL CAPS and so markedly terrible, that some random inter-webs pecksniffian, will have the chance to complain about it!

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Alive, I

In Silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves-

How different would everyday life become, if we embraced silence?

Over the course of writing this blog-o-thing I have adapted a leisurely pace in life Attending more yoga classes, spending more time unconnected from the web and partaking in long, flowing bike rides without a care in the world.

As Festivus and winter set in, the bikes resting at ease in the front bedroom. I turned my attention homeward, focusing more on the events of my daily life. It truly is possible to attend a silent retreat, where my only interactions with my surroundings are with a smile and an attentive ear. I stopped listening to the radio while driving, the TV stays off when I get home from work and magically  My son and I are reading more in front of the fireplace.

It is such a relief to be free of “noise The stillness in my heart is based solely on silence rather than a frantic beat or change in tempo.

I have begun to notice in this “silence,” the crunch of salt on the walkways leading into work, the rustle of a few stubborn leaves in the breeze, a red tail hawk gliding past

Silence has kindly given me clarity and inspiration.

Daily Meditation:

Be kind your body and heart today

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