Syntactical Structures

It was as if
while I was driving down a one-lane dirt road
with tall pines on both sides
the landscape had a syntax
similar to that of our language
and as I moved along
a long sentence was being spoken
on the right and another on the left
and I thought
Maybe the landscape
can understand what I say too.
Ahead was a farmhouse
with children playing near the road
so I slowed down
and waved to them.
They were young enough
to smile and wave back.

– Ron Padgett

CultFit System

4 Comments on “Syntactical Structures”

    • CultFit says:

      My apologies for the late reply, and thank you for taking a moment to share your passion in regards to these moving words. Take care and be well my friend!

  1. Maia says:

    This is amazing! Descriptives at their best.
    I pondered at the last line though… it is true that most lose that when we are not young anymore… smiling and waving back at ya! =)

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